Quickly orchestrate workflow processes in IT and beyond


Manual Process Inefficiences and Waste Solved by Micro Focus
Easily automate people-centric processes and deliver fit-to-purpose custom applications


SBM is the leading process management platform for IT Development and Operations designed to orchestrate and integrate processes across an organization including software development, delivery and operations.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency with automation of Business, Development and IT processes 
  • Eliminate waste though automation of human and system work management 
  • Minimize cost of oversight by streamlining compliance, security and audits


Manual vs. Automated

Stop tackling your business
processes manually. Automation is
easier than you think!

Check out this infographic to learn why
and how to automate your workflows using SBM.

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Process Orchestration from Start to Finish

Rapidly create and deploy process-based applications for human and system work management, that are flexible and easily adapted, incorporate built-in reporting and auditing for unmatched visibility, and are easy to use and adopt among users and stakeholders ensuring compliance and governance.

Smooth Sailing for Process Stakeholders

SBM supports deep process orchestration and transparency and Serena Work Center allows stakeholders  to engage in a process via feeds and social views. Work Center's Activity, Calendar and Backlog Feeds provide well rounded views into work items and work queues. Rich reporting and auditing delivers process visibility and insight, including bottlenecks

Ultra-Agile Dev & Deploy Capabilities

Visually compose process apps through drag-and-drop layout of workflow, forms and orchestrations in SBM Composer, and empower extraordinary development productivity. Automate the versioning, promotion and deployment and speed responsiveness and delivery. With minimal admin and development staffing you can fast track the definition and implementation of process apps for IT Development and Operations.

Versatile, Flexible and Extensible

SBM often automates IT processes that are central or adjacent to the software development lifecycle. IT Service Management, Request Management and Release Management solutions are powered by SBM. Business constantly demands new or changed services, and the versatility, flexibility and extensibility of the SBM platform ensures rapid creation and delivery of new services.

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd.

Workflow Improvement: The Right Stuff

Read this case study to see how this world-class aerospace manufacturer has boosted their pace
of innovation and lowered their cost of compliance by successfully deploying SBM-based
applications, resulting in better communication throughout their processes,
exception-driven management, easier audits, and continued progress towards
zero defects.

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