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Develop collaboratively, securely & efficiently


Global Development Complexity Solved By Serena
Confidently manage application change & configuration across platforms, locations and teams

Develop complex software products collaboratively, securely and efficiently

With growing complexity and increasing velocity demands on Application Development, Dimensions CM streamlines the complexity of collaborative parallel development and increases team velocity while ensuring a high degree of release readiness.

  • Secures and protects application IP, supporting secure software development 
  • Improve development productivity with collaborative agile development practices
  • Minimizes rework, visualizes & reduces conflicts, improving team velocity & collaboration
  • Continuously inspect development health, reducing risks and vulnerabilities
  • Meets the higher performance and more sophisticated release handling needs of business critical applications

Achieving Development Agility with 
Dimensions CM 14.3 Webinar

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Improve Software Quality

Continuously inspect reported findings and vulnerabilities from an automated “experts” toolchain, enable immediate developer feedback, view aggregated KPI metrics, monitor trends and speed release readiness. 

Integrated Code and Peer Review

Reduce development costs, increase developer productivity
and find all defects earlier. View annotated code and highlighted
findings, collaborative discussion threads and speed code

Optimized Developer Experience

Adopt collaborative agile development practices to minimize rework, visualize and reduce conflicts, and improve team velocity.

Hardened SCM repository

Protects the security, confidentiality and integrity of application code through granular role-based permissions and immutable commit history.

No Touch Compliance

Tamper-proof audit trails, comprehensive history and activity views assure compliance to standards eliminating audit preparation costs.

Enterprise Scalable

Scales to meet the largest, most complex and highly distributed of applications and teams across platforms, geographies and technologies.

Time to harden the SDLC

Read this new whitepaper as it explores the costs hidden behind
OSS and explains 10 reasons why OSS is bad for you and how
you must secure your software development lifecycle. 

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"The visibility and insight that Dimensions CM 14 provides allows us to see if we are converging to quality or diverging from quality in real time."

Ken Vane
Navy Federal Credit Union

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