Deployment Automation

The Deployment Automation Platform for Continuous Delivery



Introducing Deployment Automation V6

Newly enhanced features:

  • Mobile App and New UI - Version 6 introduces an easier, faster, more efficient and secure way to manage deployment automation wherever you are.
  • Deployment Pipeline Management - You can now create, manage and automate pipelines and associated environments all from a single product.
  • Enterprise Proven - End-to-end traceability, secure server side communication and additional performance and scalability improvements satisfy the requirements of the largest enterprises in the world.

Now available. Contact your sales representative for more info and watch the special Serena DevOps Drive-in where you can see the latest technology. Watch now!


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Single-Click Deployments, Seamless Integration, Clear Visibility 

Bridge the DevOps divide by simplifying and automating deployments. Support continuous delivery and production deployments by seamlessly enabling deployment pipeline automation, reducing cycle times, and providing rapid feedback. With Deployment Automation, you will be able to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast, and reliable manner.

  • Deployment time reduced by 90% and effort by 50%
  • End-to-end deployments in the cloud and on premise
  • Out-of-the-box integration with your entire DevOps toolchain
  • Developer self-service enablement

Serena Deployment Automation video

Release stuff fast without breaking things 

Watch this 2-minute video to learn how to control your time and see how Deployment Automation helps you release processes faster and more reliably.


Application Release Automation


Fast and Easy

Deploy fast and easily with a single click (and we mean a single click). Take a snapshot of your application and deploy to an environment as a single item with just one click. It's fast and easy. 

Reliable and Repeatable

Click and repeat all the way to production! Use the same deployment process for both test and production environments. By the time you deploy to production, it will be boring. And by the way, you can have your weekends back. 

Flexible and Secure

We know your infrastructure changes a lot. No worries. We provide an extensive library of plug-ins. You can do just about anything. We also realize that whatever you do, it has to be secure. Not a problem. With role-based security and a complete audit trail, we've got your back. 

Supports Continuous Delivery

Is the business waiting for you? Not good. Deployment Automation supports DevOps and Continuous Delivery by automating the deployment pipeline and turning IT into a competitive advantage. Remove IT wait time and see your business take off. 

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