Orchestrated IT Solutions

Speed application delivery, embrace DevOps, improve service responsiveness, and lower IT costs.

Now you can deliver better software faster and more consistently across Development, DevOps, and Operations. And you can do it on every platform (including in the cloud or on mainframes) – and on premise or on demand – with solutions that are engineered for configurability and the greatest adaptability to your needs.

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App Dev

Serena Orchestrated Application Delivery helps IT organizations efficiently capture stakeholder needs, easily manage requirement changes and software configurations, and deploy releases with speed and confidence.

Comprehensive Requirements Capabilities
Orchestrate your entire requirements definition and management process, giving customers what they really need through streamlined reviews, complete traceability, and KPIs for all stakeholders.

Accelerated Development with Control
Increase the speed of application development across disparate platforms, departmental processes, and development tools.

Continuous Deployment
Deliver releases continuously without sacrificing quality, reliability, or control with comprehensive deployment automation and continuous deployment capabilities.


Serena DevOps solutions are revolutionizing the delivery of software by automating deployments and environment provisioning. The result? A more rapid cadence for revision delivery, increased agility, greater control, and improved compliance.

Deployment Automation
Manage the deployment of application changes into test, QA, pre-production, and production environments with continuous delivery and production releases for more agility, faster delivery of application changes into production, and reduced risk.

End-to-End Release Management
Plan, control, and automate your release management processes from definition to deployment with a visual release calendar and an automated approval process for mainframe, distributed, and cloud environments.

DevOps Collaboration
Bring development and operations together for greater collaboration with integrated solutions that increase business agility, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

IT Ops

Serena Orchestrated Ops helps IT organizations streamline the entire process of capturing, routing, fulfilling and releasing IT services while increasing visibility, improving SLA performance, and lowering TCO.

Integrated Change and Release Management
Bring together application development and operations teams to speed business change requests with streamlined change and release management processes that help capture, triage, and prioritize requirements and speed deployment.

Process-Based IT Service Management
Automate IT service management with a simple yet powerful interface for all service desk users that provides complete visibility into the status of issues across the end-to-end service lifecycle.

Release Management for IT Ops
Increase the flow of operational releases into production while improving release quality, reducing deployment costs, and driving additional revenue as applications go online faster.