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What's New in ChangeMan ZMF Version 8?

Accelerating Mainframe Application Delivery, supporting both
modern and traditional workloads, at a significantly lower cost

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Unmatched Mainframe Release Management
Out of the Box

Release with confidence by including all the key stakeholders in the release process, from approval to receiving immediate notification of changes. Whether you are migrating one component as the result of an emergency fix or 50,000 components for a major development project, ChangeMan ZMF provides comprehensive release management capabilities.

You can use ChangeMan ZMF with Release Control, our release management planning and control solution for both mainframe and distributed systems.



Maintain High Volumes of Changes

If you have complex and massive release management processes, the Enterprise Release Option (ERO) for ChangeMan ZMF simplifies the maintenance of multiple simultaneous release processes, including:

  • Consolidating migration paths into an integrated environment
  • Providing a release audit with automatic resolution of out-of-sync conditions
  • Automatically determining copybook and load module concatenations for build processes


Work Faster with Change Packages

A change package is a secure development environment using rules stored in your security system. A change package consists of descriptive information, control parameters, component metadata, history information, and a set of libraries containing the software components being changed.

Bringing together all affected artifacts simplifies mainframe development. Change packages, invented by Serena, let you manage a project as a unit throughout your defined lifecycle while software changes are in motion. For example, if you need a special process for emergency fixes, ChangeMan ZMF supports that. Perhaps you need a different lifecycle for the online programs versus the batch programs. Or maybe the development task is vast and you want to organize the changes into groups based on geography, functionality, or technology. ChangeMan ZMF supports all these scenarios.


Track Every Change

ChangeMan ZMF tracks every change you make. You can assess dependencies, perform impact analysis and, when necessary, completely back out a change on your mainframe.

Unlike other tools that only allow audits at the end of a lifecycle, ChangeMan ZMF lets you perform audits at any stage of the lifecycle. By auditing throughout the cycle, you can prevent problems much earlier, when they are easier and cheaper to remediate.

The audit function ensures the synchronization of all components that are being actively developed with all components that are currently in production. If you need to back out, ChangeMan ZMF does not just back out load modules. The fully automated process backs out copybooks, source, DB2 components, and more, allowing you to get your production environment back to a stable state and restoring your source code to a point where you can begin correcting the problem immediately.

ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack

Extend the power of ChangeMan ZMF by adding the Client Pack. To take full advantage of your mainframe development resources, the ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack provides multiple client interfaces. Choose your interface and use the Eclipse Workbench, the IBM Rational Developer for System z (RDz) environment, the ChangeMan ZDD Windows client interface, or the traditional ChangeMan ZMF interface to develop and maintain your mainframe applications.