ChangeMan SSM



Change Tracking

ChangeMan SSM maintains a database of all changes to designated z/OS datasets and members. This single product supports hierarchical file system (HFS) and non-HFS data sets. Changed data is packaged and efficiently transmitted to a disaster recovery or business continuity site.


Ensure Rapid Disaster Recovery

ChangeMan SSM synchronizes environments and automatically identifies changes, ensuring that hot-sites are immediately ready to take over production application support in the event of a site failure.

Unlike hardware-based disk-mirroring solutions, you can prevent logical corruptions caused by human error or software failure by configuring a delayed apply at the standby site.

Eliminate Redundant Software Licenses

The Member Reference Tracking feature reduces wasted disk space by identifying duplicated and unused partitioned data set members. By tracking program product usage, you can identify opportunities to save on software maintenance costs.

Reduce Planned Downtime Through Automation

ChangeMan SSM reduces downtime by automating the shipment of SMPE target volumes to multiple systems. Only tested changes are applied to target systems, minimizing downtime for servicing system images.