Serena On Demand

Scalability & Reliability


The Serena On Demand solutions draw on the power of a robust and highly scalable process management platform that has built-in queues, throttles, load balancing and auto-start capabilities to ensure that they are highly scalable and reliable.

In addition, Serena On Demand guarantees enterprise-level data protection and backups that range from full weekly backups, daily incremental backups as well as transaction logs that are captured every 4 hours.

Serena strives for a Service Level Objective (SLO) of 99% uptime and general availability for Serena on Demand services, outside of scheduled maintenance windows.

As Serena On Demand is hosted within an elastic enterprise Cloud infrastructure, it allows for dedicated resource pools (e.g., CPU, memory, disk) in a virtualized environment along with "bursting" capabilities that automatically provide access to an additional pool of resources when unforeseen "spikes" occur.