Serena On Demand



Serena On Demand solutions seamlessly integrate with each other and to your existing IT ecosystem through a host of hybrid integration capabilities.

We anticipate your need to integrate solutions from Serena with your existing systems on premises or in the cloud. Serena provides you with options to make it easy to integrate with your applications, with no coding required.

On-the-Glass Integrations

We find that most companies need a means to display data from their third-party systems of record to their users within simple, easy-to-use transaction forms. Serena's innovative on-the-glass integration techniques enable just-in-time integrations that minimize data duplication between systems. By simply specifying enough information to identify the data source or target in the external system, you can use the REST controls within Serena's forms to query and display information from these systems to your users. You can also easily embed contextual web pages within forms or drag-and-drop Silverlight, Flash, Google Gadgets, WidgetBox and YouTube widgets on to them.

For more complex integration requirements, we provide a JavaScript API on the form that supports GET and POST HTTP methods in XML or JSoN data formats.

The forms, reports and dashboards in Serena solutions can be embedded within any third-party portal or intranet site that is deployed on premises or in the cloud. The pre-configured SharePoint Web Parts included in Serena solutions allow for content to be seamlessly presented within SharePoint-powered sites.

System-to-System Transactional Integrations

You can easily connect your existing systems with Serena On Demand solutions using SOAP and REST services. These can be triggered by user actions, process or data triggers or by business rules. Often systems integration involves more than what can be accomplished through a single service call. We provide the ability to visually design system workflows that can orchestrate multiple service calls and enable rule-based chaining of integrations.

Built-in throttling, queuing, compensation capabilities and the ability to invoke these integration flows synchronously or asynchronously allows for extremely fault-tolerant, enterprise class solutions.

Serena's innovative Process-to-Process Gateway lets you integrate systems that you have on premises with our cloud-based solutions at the transaction level without creating holes or tunnels in firewalls.

Event Management

Serena On Demand solutions can also respond to events originating in third-party systems. The Event Manager can accept events raised by third-party systems and trigger a variety of actions and integrations. Support for SOAP, REST, email, JMS queues and XML feeds allow the Serena solutions to easily respond to any on premises or cloud-based system.

Authentication, Data Import and API support

Serena On Demand solutions leverage a built-in SAML-based Single Sign-On server with hybrid authentication capabilities. This allows you the flexibility of using the Serena authentication system or integrating seamlessly with your existing on-premises authentication systems. To enable easy adoption, Serena On Demand allows customers to easily import existing data and users into their solution using simple excel formats with visual field mapping. For customers whose integration needs extend beyond the built-in integration capabilities discussed here, Serena also publishes a comprehensive suite of SOAP and REST based API that allows customers to programmatically access almost any functionality in the solution.