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Hybrid Cloud Support


Serena's Orchestrated IT offerings, powered by Serena Business Manager (SBM), provide the first model-driven visually assembled set of IT management solutions in the market designed from the ground up to operate in public, private, and hybrid clouds.

SBM's multi-tenanted design ensures that each customer cloud deployment is isolated to a specific namespace, partitioning business processes and workflows, application data, dynamic forms, role-based privileges and other core components, while sharing core common services across tenants. SBM's innovative “Process-to-Process Gateway” (P2P-G) enables seamless process-driven integration between private and public clouds. P2P-G offers two core capabilities – process federation and hybrid connectivity

Process federation allows for the visual assembly of an orchestrated solution bringing together disconnected processes, people, and systems. These orchestrated processes can then be grouped into functional units that are transparently deployed to public, private, or hybrid environments based on business efficiency, proximity, and security requirements.

Hybrid connectivity provides a secure SOA-based gateway for data interchange and process invocations across hybrid clouds without opening holes in the firewall. This technology significantly reduces chattiness between orchestrated processes deployed to hybrid clouds by delegating execution to resident process agents. Built-in federated authentication capabilities ensure single sign-on across public and private clouds without compromising firewall security rules.

Serena's hybrid cloud offering allows organizations to deploy orchestrated solutions that retain sensitive data behind their firewall while taking advantage of the cost and flexibility benefits from deploying to the cloud.