Serena On Demand



Serena strives for a Service Level Objective (SLO) of 99% uptime and general availability for Serena on Demand services, outside of scheduled maintenance windows.

As Serena On Demand is hosted within an elastic enterprise Cloud infrastructure, it allows for dedicated resource pools (e.g., CPU, memory, disk) in a virtualized environment along with "bursting" capabilities that automatically provide access to an additional pool of resources when unforeseen "spikes" occur.

Serena has stringent procedures in place for system, application and data center performance monitoring.

System Monitoring
System monitoring is accomplished using SNMP and ICMP. System and application logs are reviewed on a daily basis  and potential application issues escalated to the development team for review.

Web Application Monitoring
Real time web application monitoring tests are conducted from at least four locations around the globe every 15 minutes. Warning alerts are generated when two or more locations are 100% above average response time from the previous 24 hours. Critical alerts are generated when two or more locations are at 200% or greater. If a single script action fails for two or more locations a failure alert is generated. All alerts are received via email by the Serena On Demand Operations team and acted on immediately.

Data Center Monitoring
Serena's hosting partner provides a fully staffed NOC. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The NOC has an automated alert and response process, and provides additional manual intervention when necessary. In addition, Serena monitors the hosting partner's web-based portal that provides real-time visibility into service tickets, systems configuration data, performance trending and other reporting tools.