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Serena's partnering strategy is to extend value to its customer base and the market by teaming up with the best-in-class Global alliances and channel partners keenly focused on delivering superior results and customer satisfaction. Serena chooses its partners carefully, with the intent of building deep relationships and superior offerings to maximize the success of our customers. We recognize the vital role our partners provide, not only in our customer's success, but in our success as well. Serena has a range of partners who are leaders in their space whose domain expertise, technologies, platforms, and services. These companies are committed to jointly delivering enterprise solutions and creating innovative solutions for our customers.

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Al Falak Electronic Equipment &
Supplies Co.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain
Web Site: http://www.alfalakspd.com
Main Phone: +973 17 732 001
Email contact: Jackie_Beedie@AlFalakspd.com

Aldebaran Technologias de la Informacion
Referral Partner
Madrid, Spain
Main Phone: +34 91 630 8237
Email contact: Jose.silva@grupoaldebaran.com

Ambire Consulting
Reseller; Referral Partner
Roseville, California
Web Site: http://ambireconsulting.com
Main Phone: +1 916 724 5292
Email contact: info@ambireconsulting.com

Aversan Inc.
Reseller and Referral Partner
Web Site: http://www.aversan.com/
Main Phone: +1 416 289 1554
Email contact: bd@aversan.com

BigLever Software, Inc.
Solution Provider
Austin, TX, USA
Web Site: http://www.biglever.com
Phone: 512-426-2227
Email Contact: info@biglever.com

Blue Turtle Technology (Pty) Ltd
Midrand, South Africa
Web Site: http://www.blueturtle.co.za
Main Phone: +27 (0) 11-206-5600
Email Contact: sales@blueturtle.co.za

Blueline Associates Inc.
Referral Partner
Raleigh, North Carolina
Web Site: http://www.blueline-associates.com
Main Phone: +1 919 832 4815
Email contact: info@blueline-associates.com

Brooker & Associates
Referral Partner
Web Site: http://www.brooker-associates.com.au/
Main Phone: +61 431 672 927
Email contact: info@brooker-associates.com.au

Reseller & Consulting
Arlington, VA USA
Web Site: http://www.caci.com
Main Phone: 703-460-1589
Email Contact: tjkelly@caci.com

Cask Technologies LCC
Referral Partner
San Diego, California
Web Site: http://www.caskllc.com
Main Phone: +1 858 458 9951
Email contact: info@caskllc.com

Cerna Solutions, LLC
Referral Partner
Carlsbad, California
Web Site: http://www.cernasolutions.com
Main Phone: 442 222 0303
Email Contact: info@cernasolutions.com

CIMT Objects AG
Referral Partner
Hamburg, Germany
Web Site: http://www.cimt-ag.de/startseite/
Main Phone: +49 40 533 02-0
Email Contact: christoph.friedlaender@cimt.de

CloudBees, Inc.
Technology Partner
Los Altos, CA; Woburn, MA; Richmond, VA; and Brussels, Belgium
Web Site: http://www.cloudbees.com/
Main Phone: +1.323.THE.HIVE (+1.323.843.4483)
Email Contact: sales@cloudbees.com

CompFort Meridian Polska Sp. z o.o.
Warszawa, Poland
Web Site: http://www.compfort.pl
Main Phone: +48 22 6302660
Email Contact: info@compfort.pl

Connecta Info
Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)
Web Site: http://www.connecta-info.hr
Main Phone: +385 1 2430 862
Email Contact: info@connecta-info.hr

Contribyte Oy
Reseller & Referral Partner
Helsinki, Finland
Web Site: http://www.contribyte.fi
Main Phone: +358 9 4289 0055
Email Contact: sales@contribyte.fi

DCOS Futuro S.L.U.
Madrid, Spain
Web Site: http://dcos.es/en
Main Phone: +34 91.413.62.93
Email Contact: info@dcos.es

Referral Partner
Bangalore, India
Web Site: http://devtools.in/
Main Phone: +91-80-40985614
Email Contact: sales@devtools.in

Dipl.-Ing. Johann Lattmanig
Referral Partner
Web Site: http://lattmanig.at/
Main Phone: +43 (0)676 6802223
Email Contact: office@lattmanig.at

Drago Vision IT, S.A.
Referral Partner
Madrid, Spain
Web Site: http://www.dragosolutions.com
Main Phone: +34 (0)91 376 8820

DTC Cortex Consulting Ltd.
Taipei, Taiwan
Web Site: http://www.dtc-tpe.com.tw/
Main Phone: +886 2 2100 1616
Email Contact: pvcs@ims.com.tw

ECS Computers (Asia) Pte Ltd
Web Site: http://www.ecs.com.sg
Main Phone: +65 62999433
Email contact: enquiry@ecs.com.sg

EJADA Systems Company Ltd
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Web Site: http://www.ejada.com
Main Phone: +966 (11) 4722277
Email contact: info@ejada.com

ESONsoft Ltd.
Seoul, Korea
Web Site: http://www.esonsoft.com
Main Phone: +070 4366 5274
Email contact: Thomas@esonsoft.com

Espore Corp. Pte Ltd.
Web Site: http://www.espore.com.sg
Main Phone: +(65) 6842 2725
Email contact: enquiry@espore.com

FCN, Inc
Rockville, MD
Web Site: http://www.fcnit.com/
Main Phone: +1-800-550-2925

Fusion Consulting Services Limited
Hong Kong, China
Web Site: http://www.fusion-consulting.com.hk
Main Phone: +852 2972 2883
Email Contact: tonylau@fusion-consulting.com.hk

Global Web Outsourcing
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Web Site:http://www.globalweb.com.br
Main Phone: +(0) 800 888 2230
Email contact: atendimento@globalweb.com.br

Grey Matter Limited
Reseller and Referral Partner
Ashburton, Devon, UK
Web Site: http://www.greymatter.com/
Main Phone: +44 (0)1364 654 100
Email Contact: sales@greymatter.com

Grupo PF
Distributor and Referral Partner
Mexico City, Mexico
Web Site: http://www.grupopf.com.mx
Main Phone: +(55) 5256 0718
Email contact: contacto@grupopf.com.mx

Yokohama, Japan
Web Site: http://www.idaj.co.jp
Main Phone: +81 45 683 1990
Email contact: info@idaj.co.jp

Reseller & Federal Sales
McLean, VA USA
Web Site: http://www.immixgroup.com
Main Phone: 703-752-0610
Email Contact: info@immixgroup.com

IN-COM Data Systems, Inc.
Referral Partner
Richardson, Texas USA
Web Site: www.in-com.com
Phone: +1 214 774 2284
Email Contact: info@in-com.com

Information Builders
Technology Partner
New York, NY USA
Web Site: www.informationbuilders.com
Phone: (212) 736-4433
Email Contact: askinfo@ibi.com

Information Engineering Technology Limited
Referral Partner
Wiltshire, England
Web Site: http://www.iet.co.uk
Main Phone: +44 (1)225 863 060
Email contact: information@iet.co.uk

Infosys Technologies
System Integrator, Technology Partner, Global Alliance & Services
Bangalore , India
Web Site: http://www.infosys.com/pages/index.aspx
Email Contact: indiasales@serena.com

Ingenieria de Sistemas
Guatemala City, Guatemala
Web Site: http://www.ingesis.com.gt
Main Phone: 502-2385-3914 al 17
Email Contact: info@ingesis.com.gt

ISG Technology Pty Limited
Surry Hills, Australia
Web Site: http://www.isg.net.au
Main Phone: (+612) 9211 5488

ITO Security Pte Ltd
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia
Web Site: www.itosecurity.com

Kelway Limited
London, UK
Web Site: http://www.kelway.com
Main Phone: +44 207 791 6000
Email contact: info@kelway.com

Kifinti Solutions Inc.
Reseller & Referral Partner
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Web Site: http://www.kifinti.com
Main Phone: +416 875 5662
Email contact: sales@kifinti.com

LBMS, s.r.o.
Czech republic & Slovakia
Web Site: http://www.lbms.cz
Main Phone: (+420) 221 115 211
Email Contact: info@lbms.cz

Lifeboat Distribution
Shrewsbury, New Jersey
Web Site: http://www.lifeboatdistribution.com
Main Phone: +1 732 389 0037 Ext. 7240
Email contact: sales@lifeboatdistribution.com

Mainsoft S.A.
Santiago, Chile
Web Site: http://www.mainsoft.cl
Main Phone: +56 2 449 9900
Email contact: info@mainsoft.cl

Mainwork Software
Distributor and Referral Partner
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Web Site: http://www.mainwork.com.br
Main Phone: +(55 11) 2691 6615
Email contact: atendimento@mainwork.com.br

META3 Services & Technologies Ltd.
Distributor and Referral Partner
Minas Gerais, Brasil
Main Phone: +55-31-3264-9522
São Paulo, Brasil
Main Phone: +55-11-4166-5757
Web Site: http://www.meta3.com.br

MMA Technologies Corp.
Reseller & Referral Partner
Oradell, New Jersey
Web Site: http://www.mmatechs.com
Main Phone: +1 201 835 2729
Email contact: aciavag@mmatechs.com

Germany, Austria, parts of Switzerland
Web Site: www.mt-ag.com

Ness A.T. Limited
Tel Aviv, Israel
Web Site: http://www.ness.com/IL
Main Phone: +972 3 7666800
Email Contact: info@ness.com

Objektfabriken AB
Referral Partner
Stockholm, Sweden
Web Site: http://www.objektfabriken.se
Main Phone: +46 (0)8 545 13375
Email contact: info@objektfabriken.se

Prianto GmbH
Munich, Germany
Web Site: http://www.prianto.com
Main Phone: +49 (0)89 416 1482 10
Email contact: contact@prianto.com

ProCibernetica S.A.
Bogota, Colombia
Web Site: http://www.procibernetica.com
Main Phone: +57-1-3136500
Email Contact: mercadeo@procibernetica.com

Professional Services Westaedt BVBA
Beringen, Belgium
Web Site: http://www.westaedt.be
Main Phone: +32 (0)497 1254
Email contact: kevin.watt@westaedt.be

QBS Software Limited
London, England
Web Site: http://www.qbssoftware.com
Main Phone: +44 (0)20 8733 7101
Email contact: sales@qbssoftware.com

QualityPark GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Web Site: http://www.qualitypark.de
Main Phone: +49 (30) 398 755 30
Email Contact: info@qualitypark.de

ROCE Partners Holding OY
Helsinki, Finland
Web Site: www.roce.com
Main Phone: +358 3 345 8228
Email Contact: info@roce.com

Ryoyu Systems, Co., Ltd
Web Site: www.ryoyu.co.jp/english/index.html

Seavus AB
Malmo, Sweden
Web Site: http://www.seavus.com
Main Phone: +46 40 300 940
Email contact: info@seavus.com

Milton Keynes, UK
Web Site: https://www.uk.shi.com/
Main Phone: +44 (0) 1908 300 370

SIDIF del Caribe
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Web Site: http://www.sidif.com/ar/
Main Phone: +1-787-771-4457
Email Contact: infopr@sidif.com

Singhal & Company Inc.
Reston, Virginia
Web Site: http://www.singhalonline.com
Main Phone: +1 855 652-4321
Email contact: info@singhalonline.com

Softmart LTD
Moscow, Russian Federation
Web Site: http://www.softmart.ru
Main Phone: +7 495 730-8803
Email Contact: info@softmart.ru

Software Box Ltd.
North Yorkshire, England
Web Site: http://www.softbox.co.uk
Main Phone: +44 (0) 1347 812 150
Email contact: website@softbox.co.uk

Software House International
Somerset, New Jersey
Web Site: http://www.shi.com
Main Phone: +1 888 764 8888

SRN Information Technology
Shanghai, China
Web Site: http://www.srninfo.com
Main Phone: (86 21) 5199 8935
Email Contact: ericjtl@gmail.com

STI (Soluciones en T.I. 2009 C.A.)
Caracas, Venezuela
Web Site: http://www.sti.com.ve
Main Phone: +58 212 793 9490
Email contact: jlmedina@sti.com.ve

Strategy Partner SA
Referral Partner
Grosrouvre, France
Web site : http://www.strategypartner.fr
Main phone : +33 (0)6 6005 9543
Email contact : contact@strategypartner.fr

Gold River, CA USA
Web Site: http://www.synergex.com/
Toll Free: 800-366-3472
Main Phone: 916-853-0316
Email Contact: pvcs_sales@synergex.com

Syntax Diamond Information Systems
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Web Site: http://www.syntax.ae
Main Phone: +971 2 815 7926
Email contact: info@syntax.ae

Syntax Information Technology Inc
Athens, Greece
Web Site: http://www.syntax.gr
Main Phone: 0030 210 654 3100
Email Contact: info@syntax.gr

Systex Corporation
Taipei, Taiwan
Web Site: http://www.systex.com.tw
Main Phone: 886-2-2368-6171 ext.2150
Email Contact: yvonnechu@systex.com.tw

Technica Corporation
Dulles, VA
Web Site: http://www.technicacorp.com/
Main Phone: 703.662.2000
Email contact: ContactUs@technicacorp.com

Tecnosoftware, S.A.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Web Site: http://www.tecnosoftware.com.ar/
Main Phone: +5411 5128 3000
Email contact: contacte@tecnosoftware.com.ar

Tecnosoftware Chile SpA
Santiago, Chile
Web Site: http://www.tecnosoftware.com
Main Phone: +56 (2) 236 0606
Email contact: contacte@tecnosoftware.com

Telistar Solutions
Web Site: http://www.telistarsolutions.com
Main Phone: +65 6595 4545

The Frame Group
Sydney, Australia
Web Site: http://www.framegroup.com.au
Main Phone: +61 (0)2 9323 2800

TodaySystems Co., Ltd
Seoul, Korea
Web Site: http://www.todaysystems.co.kr
Main Phone: +82 2 761 7737
Email Contact: khkang@todaysystems.co.kr

Trustmarque Solutions Limited
Yorkshire, England
Web Site: http://www.trustmarquesolutions.com
Main Phone: +44 (0) 1904 561691
Email contact: info@trustmarque.com

TTP Solutions
Reseller & Referral Partner
Nashville, Tennessee
Web Site: http://www.ttpsolutions.com
Main Phone: +1 615 469 0409
Email contact: derwin@ttpsolutions.com

Lisbon, Portugal
Web Site: http://www.webpower.pt
Main Phone: +35 12 1384 5010
Email contact: info@webpower.pt

WiBlue Consulting
Seoul, Korea
Main Phone: +82 2 782 5836