Environmental Best Practices

Serena is committed to environmental protection and strives to operate its business in a manner which helps protect the environment and reduce its impact on valuable resources. Our offices have programs in place or cooperate with building owners to encourage recycling, limit disposal, conserve energy, and participate in local or regional efforts to reduce our environmental impact. Our employees are made aware of Serena policies and programs to help us meet these goals and standards across our organization.

Serena fulfills this commitment by:

  • Providing means for reuse and recycling in our offices
  • Complying with environmental regulations
  • Procuring energy efficient equipment
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Establishing energy management device, controls & best practices

Environmental Goals:
Serena's goal is to (i) maintain and procure office equipment that is recognized as energy efficient, such as "Energy Star" compliant PC's and LCD Displays and maintain flat energy consumption; and (ii) maintain an efficient recycling program; and (iii) reduce overall energy consumption by 1%.

Fines and Penalties:
Serena will disclose environmental fines and penalties, if assessed, however to date, Serena has not received any environmental fines or penalties.