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Installing the License Manager

License and Entitlement

What if I have multiple serial numbers, do I have to register each one?

What licenses can I generate?

Licenses for Serena products that use SLM and Collage licenses can be generated through the Serena Support Site. All other licenses can be requested through the Site and will be ready for download after 1 working day (Mon-Fri).

How do I get a license?

To request a license please complete the “Manage Licenses” screen. Required selections are Site/ Product/ Serial Number and version. Please note that license technology used may vary across product versions. See the “Create Licenses” demo for details on this process. The demo is available once you have completed the “Manage Licenses” screen.

What is rehost?

Rehost or “Move Licenses” refers to the moving of licenses to a different server. Please note that when licenses are moved, the previous licenses must no longer be used. If you continue to use the licenses you will be out of compliance. If you have any concerns with regards to compliance please contact Support Sales (link here).
See the “Move Licenses” demo for details on this process. The demo is available once you have completed the “Manage Licenses” screen.

What is a consolidation?

Consolidating is the ability to collect a number of licenses into one file (a consolidation).  Consolidations can help with the management of licenses for products that have a number of licenses types or if licenses have been incrementally purchased. This functionality is only available for licenses generated through the Support Site.

See the “Consolidate your Licenses” demo for details on this process.

If I need an emergency key what do I do?

A 5-day emergency license can be created by selecting the “Emergency Licenses” button on the “Manage Licenses” screen (available for Collage and Serena Products using SLM). For all other emergency licenses please contact Serena Support .

What is my host?

Your host is required when you self-fulfill a license for your Serena Product.  For SLM it is the Ethernet HostID (see Why is my hostid so important?)  and for Collage it is Internet IP address of the admin database.

Why do I see more than one host?

When you choose “Select Existing Host” while creating or moving a license, you will see all existing hosts for your site. If you have multiple serial numbers and multiple Serena products then the existing host list could cover more than one page.  Please select the “??” next button to scroll through the pages.

How do I get more licenses?

If you require more licenses than you have currently available, please contact Support Sales.

Am I compliant?

Through the “View Licenses” functionality from the “Manage Licenses” screen all available licenses that are current on maintenance are available to be viewed. If you are concerned that you might be out of compliance please contact Support Sales.

Can I use my licenses in a different country?

This will depend on your contract. For the majority of customers contracts are specific to a region/country. If any users are accessing or using licenses outside of the stated country, you could be considered out of compliance.  If you are concerned that you might be out of compliance, please contact Support Sales.

How does the Serena Master and Support Agreement relate to a written contract?

Any written contract with Serena Software takes precedence over the Serena Master and Support Agreement.

How can I get help with licenses?

If you require assistance with the licensing on the Support Site, please refer to the demos that are available on the “Manage Licenses” page.  Note that it is a requirement to complete the input fields and the product and version need to be accurate.  If you require assistance, please contact Serena Support.

What is it?

Serena License Manager is technology that allows Serena to offer various licensing models including named, concurrent or mixed. There are three main components 
License Server -Is a software application installed and managed by the application or system administrator to manage the license usage by an organization. The License Manager service may by started and stopped as needed.
License Manager - A GUI application that allows the application administrator to add named users, add new keys, and see a real time snap shot of named and concurrent users.

What do I do first?

  1. Download the software or obtain a media kit. 
  2. Install the Serena License Manager.
  3. Create a license (see How do I get a license?)
  4. Apply the license by cutting and pasting it into the License Manager.
  5. Install the application if you have not already done so.

How does Serena License Manager work?

Each time a Serena application is launched, the application looks for the Serena License Server at the address supplied when the application was installed and activated. The license server then authenticates the user as either named or concurrent if available.

Does the License Server need to be on the same server as the application?

No, the License Server can be installed on any server that is accessible by those computers that are running the application.

What if I use a laptop or am a remote user?

There are two options for this instance. 1. Install the License Manager on the laptop or remote system and generate a key for a single user. 2. Create a VPN tunnel into the network where the License Server resides.

Why is my hostid so important?

The license generated is tied to the hostid and cannot be used on a different machine. You will need to determine your hostid before creating the license. There are a couple of methods for determining your hostid. Each platform architecture uses a different machine identification method, therefore we recommend using the LM Utilities. Windows admins can run the LM Utilities from Serena License Server programs, click on the System Settings tab and examine the Ethernet Address field. Unix/Linux admins can run the lmutil lmhostid from the command line. Refer to the User's Guide for native commands for specific architectures.

What is the definition of a named user license?

A named user license is simply a license that is assigned to a unique username/ID. This is the same user ID you use when logging into the application. A named user license can only be used by that unique user ID on one machine at a time. If a user needs to logon to more than one machine at a time they can have multiple named licenses with the same name.

What is the difference between a named and concurrent license?

"Named User" is a single individual who has been authorized to use the licensed software. Such users can access the software on only one machine at a time.

"Concurrent User" means an individual who may access the licensed software at any given point in time. The user can access the software for only one machine at a time, unless otherwise authorized.

What is the definition of a Seat license?

Seat licenses can be used with Business Mashups 2009 R1 and above, and will be offered for new and existing customers in place of Named and Concurrent licenses. A Seat license is essentially the same as a Named license, in that one is consumed for each active user. The difference is that Seat licenses are checked when the user is created in the Mashup Adminstrator rather than when the user logs in. For example, if you had 10 Seat licenses, you could create 10 users and give them Product Access to log in to your Mashup application. Any users beyond 10 would have to have a Product Access of None. The main benefit is that network traffic between Business Mashups and the License Manager is greatly reduced, since the licenses are only verified when the user is created, and not when they log in. Seat licenses cannot be used in addition to Named or Concurrent licenses; if they are used, they must be the only type of Business Mashups user license. To discuss exchanging existing licenses for Seat licenses, please contact your Sales representative.

Can I use Seat licenses and Named/Concurrent licenses in the same License Manager?

Seat licenses cannot be used in addition to Named or Concurrent licenses; if they are used, they must be the only type of Business Mashups user license. To discuss exchanging existing licenses for Seat licenses, please contact your Sales representative.

What is the definition of entitlement?

When you purchased a Serena product, your contract specified the type and number of licenses you are entitled to use. Your continuing maintenance contract on those original licenses entitles you to receive the latest upgrades. Only those licenses covered by the maintenance contract are entitled to upgrades.

How do I find out my entitlement?

From the “Manage Licenses” page select “View Licenses”. This will show your entitlement.

What if we share the total number of licenses between groups, eg. 50 total, 40 for Development and 10 for QA?

You have a couple of options. If the License Server is accessible by everyone, then you could install a single key on that server. If each group needs its own server, then two (or more) keys would be generated for each license server. Each key would be for only the number of licenses needed, eg. 40 on one key for Dev and 10 on another key for QA.

What if someone else took my share of those licenses?

To avoid this scenario, make sure the License Server is accessible by those who need a license and there are enough total licenses available.  If you need assistance, please contact Support Sales

If I have multiple serial numbers, do I have to register and get keys for each serial number?

Yes, although you can consolidate serial numbers to make administration easier and we encourage you to do so.  Please contact Support Sales.

How do I manage named licenses?  What happens when someone leaves the team or company and we have new users?

Your system administrator for the product has complete control over setting up and administering the user names that are assigned to each named license.  The Serena License Manager provides the GUI to managing the licenses.  When a different user needs to be assigned to a named license, this change is easily performed without any involvement by Serena.