IT Front Office

Research shows that the current engagement model between IT and the business is horribly broken. About 60% of IT initiatives don't meet business user needs, 49% of IT work is over budget, and 40% of demand is fulfilled too late. Ad hoc tools like Excel and Lotus Notes, as well as heavyweight tools like Project Portfolio Management (PPM), have failed to resolve these problems because they are inconsistent, too hard to use, geared toward just select IT projects, or offer limited visibility into the complete IT lifecycle.

Instead of focusing on siloed tools, IT organizations should improve how they run the IT Front Office, the customer-facing part of IT that interacts directly with business users. A smoothly running IT front office can help the entire IT organization increase end-user satisfaction, improve service license agreement (SLA) performance, and deliver higher quality work.

The IT front office needs to excel in eliciting business user needs and prioritizing new demand against current work efforts and resources, as well as seamlessly work with the rest of IT to fulfill demand and continually report status back to the business.

Serena provides Orchestrated IT solutions that can make your IT Front Office a success.

  • Serena Request Center helps capture all business requests in a unified portal, so your IT organization can drive user self-service, streamline the request fulfillment processes, and cut IT costs.