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Requirements Management

Requirements Management

Serena helps you orchestrate your entire requirements management process through robust capabilities for requirements definition, requirements reuse and requirements traceability. Serena helps you give your customers what they really want, accelerate your development, and confidently deliver high-quality requirements. Unlike rigid and complex requirements tools, Serena provides comprehensive requirements capabilities, lightning-quick process coordination, and easily reusable requirements across the entire application lifecycle, no matter how many different teams, tools, changes, or methodologies are involved. Learn more about Serena's product, Dimensions RM.

Serena customers have been able to dramatically shorten release times, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce overall development costs:

  • Accelerate time-to-market by 80% and increase efficiency by 50%.
  • Save millions of dollars each year by eliminating siloed tools and wasteful manual processes.
  • Reduce rework & accelerate development by 50% by automating processes.


Watch a 2-minute video on Requirements Management.

Orchestrate the Full Requirements Lifecycle

Serena provides organizations comprehensive capabilities to manage requirements from initial request all the way through to production release. Serena can help organizations deliver what their customers really want by enabling tight collaboration throughout the entire requirements lifecycle – including requirements definition, requirements development, and requirements validation. With Serena, organizations can capture requests, create high-fidelity prototypes, manage detailed requirements hierarchies and linkages, and do much more.

Automate Requirements Traceability

Serena helps organizations develop requirements faster by automating handoffs and breaking down the requirements silos across customers, teams, and tools. Automated audit trails and integrated links between specs, variants, code, tests, and releases provides complete traceability and ensures all releases meet customer requirements and regulatory standards. Orchestrating Serena's Process and Work Management platform with Serena's Requirement Management solutions can provide process-based metrics that help organizations reduce cycle time for each step in the requirements, development, and delivery process.

Reduce Requirements Churn

Serena helps organizations confidently and efficiently deliver high-quality releases by making it easier to reuse requirements and manage changes across tools, teams, and releases. Unlike some requirements management tools that have requirements embedded deep inside documents, Serena provides "requirements containers" that help organizations quickly baseline, compare, and reuse sets of requirements from other projects.

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