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Issue and Defect Management

Issue and Defect Management

You might not have perfect code, but you have perfect control. Software defects are a fact of life, but life can be better if you have help getting your bugs under control. So while your code might not be perfect, managing your issues and defects can be with full automation, from capture to resolution. Automate issue handoff, track defect trends, and check the status of fixes across all projects. Get full accountability and complete visibility of your issue and defect process.

Single issue process across multiple tools

Issue and Defect Management connects seamlessly with leading SCM tools, including Dimensions CM, Subversion, Microsoft VSTS, Perforce, and ClearCase.

Visibility across development tools

Get rich graphical reports to gain visibility and maintain control of your issues and defects across a disparate landscape of development tools.

Having it your way

Built on Serena's innovative Business Manager platform, Issue and Defect Management offers a rich, visual design.

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