Change and Configuration Management

Serena helps you orchestrate complex development processes, while maintaining strict control and traceability for all of your software changes and configurations. Serena has been proven to increase productivity, lower overall development costs, and reduce noncompliance.

Orchestrate your processes using the tools you like

To keep control and insight with this level of flexibility, Serena offers you a way to orchestrate your change processes across the tools your developers are already using. Processes can be graphically represented, so improvements can be made in a quick, controlled, and understandable way.

Be confident and stay compliant

Serena helps you be confident about how your software is being built. Serena helps ensure that the right people are performing the right activities, developing the right artifacts, and completing these activities in the right way over and over again. Serena helps you seamlessly automate your processes and policies, define your role-based security, and get insight and traceability when needed.

Scale to support your needs

Whatever your change and configuration needs, Serena can help. Serena offers you many choices to support your teams in a scalable and optimal way, while respecting their development culture. If you mainly develop for mainframe, Serena ChangeMan ZMF is your best choice. If you mainly develop for open systems and want to truly know what has happened during the process, regardless of its complexity, then you should use Serena Dimensions CM. If your processes are less complex but you need a reliable, scalable, and proven technology that will get you going right away, then Serena PVCS is the right choice.