Orchestrate Agility

Serena helps IT organizations become more agile by orchestrating agility across the end-to-end application delivery lifecycle. IT organizations can coordinate disparate processes, multiple tools and globally distributed teams from initial business request all the way to final production release. Serena orchestrates agility by helping IT engage more rapidly and accurately with the business, accelerate globally distributed water-scrum-fall development, and deliver more frequently to production – all while maintaining enterprise visibility and compliance to corporate and regulatory standards.

Video: Orchestrated Agility - 4 Steps to a Truly Agile Enterprise

Agile Responsiveness to Demand

While the Agile Manifesto recommends daily face-to-face interactions, enterprise IT organizations often don't have that luxury. Serena offers a unique approach for globally distributed IT teams and business users to manage demand in an agile and nimble fashion. A unified request center allows IT organizations to quickly capture, group and categorize all demand – including operational requests, enhancement requests and new ideas – so that all teams can more effectively coordinate their project backlogs to meet business demands. IT organizations can use flexible and adaptable process flows to automatically route requests for review and approval – eliminating development lag time often associated with distributed stakeholders. And high-fidelity prototypes and requirements definition enables distributed business users and teams to rapidly come to consensus on what should be delivered.

Orchestrating Agile Development and Beyond

According to a recent report from Forrester Research, over 50% of companies use hybrid development methodologies, or "water-scrum-fall" to run their projects. Serena helps IT organizations bridge this agile-waterfall gap by orchestrating processes across distributed water-scrum-fall projects and teams. Enterprise dashboards show status across both agile and waterfall projects, as well as their associated test and release status. Serena's process orchestration capabilities help streamline communication of development changes and updates across distributed water-scrum-fall teams. Even before the typical daily standup meeting takes place, Serena helps team members become instantly aware of any updates and changes. For IT organizations that are shifting from waterfall to agile, Serena's flexibility makes it simple to evolve and modify processes while maintaining compliance with corporate and regulatory standards.

Agile Delivery into Production

Agile development isn't the end in itself. The ultimate goal is to more frequently deliver and deploy apps that customers want. Serena provides fully integrated release management capabilities, which help eliminate the release bottleneck that can frequently occur with agile development. As sprints repeatedly keep getting pushed into production, Serena provides the process control to ensure that only high-quality code gets deployed. In order to help IT become more agile on the back end, Serena also provides one-click deployment that makes it easier to release both operational and application changes into production.