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Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Best Practices for Release and Deployment Management Whitepaper

Learn how adopting key best practices
can accelerate your DevOps transformation and
improve the quality and speed of your software deployments.

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  • 2-Minute Explainer - Serena's Approach to Release and Deployment Management Explained in 2 Minutes
  • Weekly Live Demo – See deployment automation in action and ask your questions of our product experts in our live session every Friday


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  • Whitepaper – Release Management: Mesos and Containerization
  • White Paper – MIND THE GAP: Six Steps to Bridge Software Development and Operations with Release Management
  • White Paper – The Hidden Costs of Open Source and Homegrown Applications
  • White Paper – Best Practices in Release and Deployment Management
  • Solution Brief – Release Control
  • Datasheet - Release Control
  • Article – "Solve the DevOps Challenge with Orchestrated IT"


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