Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Enterprise Scalability 

Built on a highly scalable, secure, customer proven platform

  • Global, large-scale deployments: n-tier architecture allows both vertical and horizontal scalability with servers and endpoints. Supports cross-network boundaries requiring only low bandwidth WAN connections. 
  • Enterprise-grade security: Role-based security supports LDAP and Active Directory authentication to align with enterprise security policies. Privilege access is not required for endpoint deployments. 
  • High availability and failover: Platform dynamically switches from one server to another in the event of system failure.  

Serena Release Control is built on a proven, underlying process management enterprise platform that is used by over 1,600 companies globally. This platform allows customers to unify and automate processes and connect teams with tools, making Serena Release Control the most comprehensive solution in the marketplace.


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