Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Managing Deployment and Task Lists

Automate error-prone manual tasks lists and time-consuming deployments

Deployment Paths

Deployment paths are a sequence of environments through which a release package must progress, such as development, integration testing, and production. This ensures that each release package has gone through the required testing stages before it moves to production. You can define whether each environment is required or optional on this path. You can also define when the release package is locked to prevent further changes, ensuring that what was previously tested is what is going to be deployed to your production environment.

Deployment Units

A packaged set of deployment-ready files and metadata that is associated with a deployment task. Examples include Deployment Automation component versions, Dimensions CM baselines, and ChangeMan ZMF change packages.

Deployment Tasks

Serena Release Control can integrate with products that provide the ability to execute processes, such as Serena Business Manger, Serena Deployment Automation, Serena Dimensions CM, or Serena ChangeMan ZMF. Depending on your selections, the execution of the deployment task may execute the specific process at the target environment, it may execute an operation on the environment, or it may submit or transition a request in another system to signal that a given task must be completed.


Application release deployments are complex in nature and involve a multitude of interactions between people, process and software. Opportunities to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce time-consuming handoffs exist with processes that can be automated in a consistent, repeatable workflow.

Serena Release Control captures manual and automated deployment tasks as well as environmental information between development, QA and operations teams. Deployment tasks can be aggregated from many teams and saved, reused, then automatically scheduled and executed repeatedly across all environments as releases traverse down the path to production.

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