Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Dashboards and Reports

Gain insight that is actionable across your entire release lifecycle

Release Dashboard

The Release Dashboard provides you with rapid insight into the entire release management lifecycle. Using metrics and KPIs that you choose, the dashboard enables you to accurately measure and manage your release management processes. 

Calendar Views

You can view calendar information about release trains, application releases, environments and approvals. As soon as the status of a calendar item changes, the calendar automatically shares the updated information with all stakeholders.

Timeline Views

Timeline views provide you with real-time status and progress of all your releases in a single view. You can drill down on all the current milestones and stage gates to determine if your release is on schedule.

Activity Reports

Personalized activity reports show you exactly what you have to do to be successful,  and they provide you with an audit trail of all your release activities.