Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Dashboards and Reports 

Dashboard, calendar and unified timeline views of release trains, application releases, and environments provide you with immediate visibility to any problem trends, issues or potential delays, allowing you to take immediate action.  

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Planning and Control

Out-of-the-box best practice templates that can easily be customized to align to your release policies. Single system of record for planning, scheduling, and approvals enables you to easily track milestones and stage gates across all release trains, applications releases, and teams.

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Deployments and Tasks

Unifies deployment processes and release task lists by automating large volume, highly repetitive tasks across systems, tools, and teams to reduce release times and further mitigate the risk of release and production failures.

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Environment Management 

Increases efficiencies in commissioning and decommissioning preproduction environments ensuring that the right environments are available at the right time to the right people and for the right applications. This results in faster acceleration of the release lifecycle during your critical test phases.

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Communication and Collaboration

Provides social views so Dev and Ops teams can effectively and efficiently communicate and collaborate across the entire release lifecycle. Instantaneous access to the people on the release or development teams as well as those who are likely to have the expertise to help resolve any issue.

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Enterprise Scalability 

Built on a highly scalable, secure, customer proven platform

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