Quality & Release Management

Serena’s Quality and Release solutions provide the essential enterprise infrastructure for Agile and DevOps teams. Serena Quality and Release infrastructure is at the heart of the world’s most advanced software teams in many of the most highly regulated, large enterprises (HRLEs). We help those organizations “Move Fast Without Breaking Things” every day.

One solution supports your Agile teams and your traditional teams so that you get enterprise visibility into all of your quality and release activity. Whether you are implementing a DevOps culture, automating build processes, looking for continuous integration and continuous delivery of your Agile teams, automating deployments through the build and test lifecycle, looking to get enterprise awareness, control and risk mitigation of releases, or simply trying make more deployments and fewer errors, Serena solutions provide that capability.

Quality & Release Management solutions from Serena

Release Control DevOps ready

  • End-to-end visibility and control of release lifecycle
  • Manage cross-platform proprietary and open source dev teams
  • Collaboration of dev, build, test, release, deploy and ops teams

Deployment Automation DevOps ready Agile ready

  • Automated application deployment
  • Visual design tool with ready-made integrations
  • 10 times faster deployments to thousands of end-points

Comparex Mainframe

  • High speed mainframe data source comparison
  • Compare XML, encrypted data, databases
  • Extract and filter differences


Serena and DevOps

DevOps is a movement to bring about collaboration between the members of development and operations groups. Serena solutions enable DevOps success in your organization. Whether you are optimizing change and release management, or building DevOps automation infrastructure or making continuous deployment part of your quality program, Serena solutions deliver your DevOps success.

Creating an environment where DevOps is successful is having a process that works equally well for both development and operations. Serena’s
Release Control
technology can provide a layer of abstraction that allows Dev and Ops to share the same process but work in their own way. Add in some dashboards and there is visibility into the processes and releases, no matter if you are a practitioner, a manager, or an executive.

In order to keep releases flowing, release automation is key. At Serena, we can provide first-class deployment automation technology, sophisticated release pipeline management, and self-service environment provisioning. Our solutions can also integrate with your existing continuous integration and testing solutions to help you get even greater benefit.

Serena Deployment Automation enables you to realize the benefits of DevOps. By managing your processes and automation and integrating with your existing tools, you can innovate quickly and still maintain visibility, reliability, and control.