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Serena PVCS Pro

Serena PVCS Pro

Thousands of software developers around the world rely on Serena PVCS Version Manager (PVCS VM) for their version control needs. Serena PVCS VM is one of the most reliable, trusted, and proven solutions on the market. Serena PVCS Pro is a change and configuration management solution for smaller teams. It enriches Serena PVCS VM with a number of capabilities that help smaller teams maximize efficiency and productivity. Serena PVCS Pro consists of Serena PVCS VM, Serena Prototype Composer, Serena Agile Planner, and Serena Issue and Defect Management.


Define business requirements graphically

The Serena PVCS Pro suite contains Serena Prototype Composer, a graphical prototyping tool to define screen and process flows in a graphical way, with the ability to simulate behavior. There is no better way to align IT development with the needs of business stakeholders. The resulting prototype can be shared and used to uncover and refine requirements, producing a clearer set of requirements for development and better results for stakeholders.


Manage issues and fix bugs faster

The Serena PVCS Pro suite contains Serena Issue and Defect Management, orchestrated by Serena Business Manager (SBM), which automates the capture, routing, collaboration, and resolution of issues and defects. This helps you ensure that your issues are resolved quicker and nothing falls through the cracks. Serena Issue and Defect Management offers powerful capabilities like easily customizable WYSIWYG forms, a new process designer, simplified change management, and out-of-the-box trend reporting.

Interoperate with ease

Through web services and orchestrations powered by SBM, Serena PVCS Pro can easily interoperate with other environments. Serena PVCS Pro even provides a connector to Subversion to facilitate collaboration with other teams.

Compliance with confidence

Through SBM, Serena PVCS Pro can help you meet compliance requirements in the most regulated industries. Serena PVCS Pro enables process enforcement and complete traceability.

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Renowned Bank Moves from PVCS
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