Intelligent Dump Analysis and Debugging

StarTool DA provides intelligent dump analysis and debugging for mainframes. It helps developers diagnose the cause of ABEND conditions through automated dump diagnostics, interactive call tracing support, dump archiving and maintenance, and a full-featured debugging interface.

Integration with ChangeMan ZMF

StarTool DA is also integrated with ChangeMan ZMF and available as the ChangeMan ZMF DA Option. This integration enables sharing of the ChangeMan ZMF source and listing repository, which saves storage space and ensures that both IT Operations and Application Development teams always have access to the most current version of the source code.


StarTool DA is integrated with ChangeMan ZMF

Centralized source storage ensures that the correct version of
source is always available for both App Dev and IT Operations.


Batch, CICS, DB2, and IMS

StarTool DA supports analysis and debugging of both batch and CICS ABENDs. Optional debugging support for IBM DB2 and IMS database ABENDs is also available.

Detailed Analysis and Reporting

StarTool DA displays failing instructions down to the source code level. It manages the archival and retrieval ABENDs and monitors trends over time to deliver high availability for infrastructure and applications.

Diagnosis and Resolution

StarTool DA lets you look at the contents of any working storage area in the dump by using the COBOL source statement definition, speeding time to resolution. Uninitiated or invalid data areas, indexes, and subscripts are easily found.

A user-friendly "point-and-shoot" feature lets you move through control blocks, addresses, and data sections of the dump with ease.