Service Manager

PEOPLE + PROCESS | Perfectly in sync.

Why consider Serena for service management


1. Reduces TCO by letting you flexibly change or add processes to match how you deliver a breadth of new services

With traditional ITSM solutions, the process logic is hard coded within the application itself. With Service Manager, you can graphically change processes to match the way you deliver services. Your team can easily configure forms and screens that result in a lower learning curve and improved agent productivity. Over 300 of our customers have leveraged the underlying process platform to automate processes within and outside the IT realm, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution. In addition, we provide flexible solution deployment options — both on premise and in the Cloud — and the ability to seamlessly transition from one environment to the other.

2. Speeds issue resolution with complete visibility across integrated ITSM processes

Service Manager lets you visually track requests through to fulfillment. An integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides greater control over infrastructure changes by delivering contextual information that speeds incident and problem investigation. With access to timely, contextual reports about the process, audit trails, and ITIL-based service desk metrics, your team is no longer "flying blind."


3. Improves user satisfaction and agent productivity with a centralized service request center

With Service Manager, your users have a single view of all the services available to them through a portal. They can easily track the status of their requests, have knowledge base articles proactively suggested to them as they submit tickets, and view the most requested services; this reduces service desk call volumes, reduces the number of times your users bypass your Level 1 agents, and improves users' perception of IT.



The Serena difference

With Service Manager, you can start with a set of ITIL-based out-of-the-box applications that can then be rapidly tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization—either on premises or via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment. Use powerful, process-aware Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reports to then uncover bottlenecks and attack areas of high cost. Leverage a centralized Service Request Center to showcase the breadth and value of services that your IT organization has to offer, thereby improving user satisfaction and cutting service desk costs. And then unleash the Serena difference—the power of the underlying process management platform—to tackle new fronts within the IT service management realm and beyond. By leveraging our expertise in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) realm, Service Manager is uniquely positioned to serve as the fulcrum of an integrated ITSM-ALM strategy that can bridge the traditional gap between development and operations.

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