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Evaluating IT service management options

As you consider modernizing your ITSM approach, key considerations include return on investment and how well each solution can improve your organization’s ability to consistently deliver the level of service the business demands - and whether the solution supports your needs for flexibility, action and insight.

When evaluating options for ITSM solutions, in addition to assessing the traditional capabilities, rank how important each of the following criteria are to your organization:


Replacing Or Extending Your Current ITSM Solution?

If you are considering replacing or extending your ITSM solution, Serena can help.


Serena offers customized Value Engineering assessments that help you measure your current state and quantify the gains you can realize by replacing or extending your current solution with Service Manager.


Serena can help you create a replacement plan or a “surround strategy” based on the results of the assessment process and your organization’s current goals and future needs.



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