Service Manager

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User Self-Service

Intuitive request center improves user satisfaction

The Request Center is a web-based, self-service portal where users can look for solutions to problems (e.g., forgotten password), submit a ticket or browse and order a service or product. A packaged ITIL v3 Request Fulfillment process handles IT service requests separately from incidents.

The availability of a searchable knowledge base encourages users to find solutions. Searching the knowledge base, which can often be frustrating in many service desk products, is optimized in Service Manager to increase the relevance of matches and to automatically suggest topics as soon as the user begins typing.


Submitting a request ticket is a simple process using intuitive forms and screens.

In the Request Center, users can track the progress of an open request to find out the status at any time. This process transparency increases user satisfaction with IT and reduces demand on IT staff to answer follow-up inquiries on status or tackle the same issue over and over again.

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