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ITIL Service Transition

The ITIL service transition volume outlines the steps involved in getting the services required by the business into the live or operational phase. Serena Service Manager can play a key role in an ITIL Service Transition strategy by providing capabilities that help with bringing new services online:

Service Asset and Configuration Management

Serena Service Manager includes a built-in Configuration Management Database (CMDB) that serves as the repository for all configuration items (CIs) and their relationships, ensuring that company standards are applied and that configuration changes that may cause other problems are quickly detected and acted upon. Serena's CMDB is enhanced with a visual process map that simplifies how you manage CIs, verify adherence to standards and handle exceptions.

Visually map configuration item relationships

[Click to enlarge] Visually map configuration item relationships

Integrated Change & Release Management

Traditional ITSM systems are not capable of managing and releasing a mixture of development and operational changes at the same time. The integration between Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Control ensures that changes identified in the former can be easily added to a release train and then managed as part of that train. By being able to schedule both operational as well as development changes into a common application release, it results in better synergies between once disjointed development and operations groups and significantly reduces the risk of failed changes.

Operationalize changes to ITIL-based services quickly with integrated change and release management

[Click to enlarge] Operationalize changes to ITIL-based services
quickly with integrated change and release management

Knowledge Management

Serena Request Center includes access to a Knowledge Base that is available to IT staff for problem-solving and to users for on-demand searches during incident and request submissions. The Knowledge Base is automatically searched during incident submission to avoid duplicate entries.

To improve usability and simplify the search, Serena Service Manager immediately offers relevant suggestions as soon as the user begins typing. The Knowledge Base can be automatically populated with new material when incidents and problems are resolved and change requests are fulfilled. Al Knowledge Base articles are published after being routed through an approval workflow. The articles are organized by categories and information types.


ITIL Processes Supported by Serena Service Manager

ITIL Support
ITIL Service Strategy
ITIL Service Design
ITIL Service Transition
ITIL Service Operation
ITIL Continual Service Improvement


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