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ITIL Service Strategy

IT organizations struggle with keeping pace with the growing demand from their business counterparts for new and differentiated products and services. One of the biggest challenges lies in being able to clarify, justify and prioritize these requests for new services.

Serena's solutions can help implement an ITIL Service Strategy, the starting point of an ITIL Service Lifecycle. Serena Request Center provides organizations with a centralized portal for capturing all requests for new services that can then be funneled into the demand manager to help with costing and prioritizing the delivery of these services.


Unlike heavyweight tools that take months or years to deploy, Serena Demand Manager lets you start prioritizing demand in just a few clicks. Collaborative scoring, voting and resource estimation capabilities help IT assess the scope of business requests. Serena Demand Manager also provides what-if portfolio analysis to quickly model various scenarios and help IT select the optimal group of initiatives that can be achieved in a timely manner with the given resources.

Review the portfolio of initiatives to quickly determine what's feasible and valuable to the business.

[Click to enlarge] Review the portfolio of initiatives to quickly determine
what's feasible and valuable to the business.

Prioritizing work is just the first step in an ITIL service strategy. Providing an accurate view of the available resources is also essential. As IT team members close out service requests or complete development tasks, Serena Demand Manager logs the effort, giving IT leadership a real-time view of how resources are being used to fulfill demand. This helps them make informed decisions around when new work can be taken on, how reallocation of projects and resources impacts business, and where there are shortages of critical resources – crucial for implementing a pragmatic ITIL service strategy.

Gain a real-time view of IT resource allocation

[Click to enlarge] Gain a real-time view of IT resource allocation

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