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Frequently Asked Questions

How does creating and adapting reports and workflows in Service Manager compare with legacy ITSM suites?
With legacy ITSM products, the process logic is hard-coded within the application. Service Manager is built on a robust process management platform that makes it easy to quickly configure or make change to workflows, forms and reports. This user-friendly environment removes the obstacles and costs typically found in initial set-up and subsequent upgrades to ITSM software.

Does Service Manager include a CMDB? How well does it integrate with existing CMDBs?
Yes, Service Manager includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB). You can use Serena’s CMDB in place of an existing CMDB or use them together.

Does Service Manager support ITIL practices? Is support for ITIL built in?
Yes, Serena’s packaged ITSM processes have been ITIL V3 verified. In addition, Serena’s process management platform aids with process automation, a key pillar of ITIL. With Service Manager you can easily automate and modify processes. Service Manager also provides user-configurable reporting and auditing to help your IT team continually detect problem areas and enhance service, supporting the ITIL imperative for measurement and continual improvement based on key metrics.

Does Service Manager have a Service Catalog as well as Knowledge Management and SLA Management capabilities?
Yes, user self-service capabilities (Portal, Catalog, and integrated Knowledge Management) are key differentiators. Serena supports SLA management through a variety of techniques including duration reports and notifications.

Does Serena offer an On-Demand IT Service Management (ITSM) solution?
Yes, Service Manager is available for deployment on-demand, on premises or via a hybrid model. Service Manager is built on a robust, multi-tenanted process management platform that provides customers a secure, reliable and highly adaptable ITSM solution.

How does Service Manager stack up against other ITSM products?
Service Manager’s process-based approach to ITSM addresses the flexibility, visibility, and usability challenges inherent with traditional ITSM solutions. Service Manager offers all the functionality you expect from a robust ITSM solution. Read why Ovum Research believes Service Manager should make your ITSM short-list.

Does Service Manager replace our existing IT Service Management products?
Service Manager can replace or extend your existing ITSM solution with its unified request center, service catalog, incident, problem, change, CMDB, and knowledge management capabilities. You can also leverage the underlying process management platform to deliver services well beyond the break-fix realm.

How is Service Manager easier to install and set up than legacy ITSM suites?
Service Manager enhances the data management heritage of legacy ITSM applications with the addition of a rich process management platform. A graphical process modeler makes it extremely simple to configure or add new service delivery processes and the associated business logic.

What policies and procedures does Serena have in place to ensure high availability for the on-demand product?
Serena offers an SLA guaranteeing 99% uptime outside of scheduled maintenance. Service Manager is built on a robust and highly scalable process management platform that has built-in queues, throttles, load balancing and auto-start capabilities to ensure that it is highly scalable and reliable.

Service Manager On-Demand is hosted on an elastic Enterprise Cloud infrastructure that allows for dedicated resource pools (CPU, memory, disk) in a virtualized environment along with “bursting” capabilities that automatically allow access to an additional pool of resources when unforeseen “spikes” occur.

In addition, Serena offers robust enterprise-level data protection and backups, including weekly full backups, daily incremental backups and transaction logs captured every four hours.

Does Service Manager have a web client for the on-premises product? If so, what security measures protect the application?
Yes, Service Manager provides web interfaces for both IT staff and business users making requests. These interfaces are password protected and secure via 128-bit SSL.

How does Serena keep our data secure in a multi-tenanted environment?
The Service Manager multi-tenanted environment allows multiple customer instances to reside on the environment. However, the technology allows for customers to have an isolated instance (namespace) that has their own private copy of the solution. All business data is stored in separate tables specific to the namespace and is isolated from other customers’ data.

In addition, the solution features strong identity and access management with multiple levels of access control, network security through 128-bit SSL, firewall protection for all servers with databases protected with an additional firewall as well as intrusion detection and prevention systems.


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