Service Manager

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Financial Asset Management

Easily track and report on IT asset lifecycles

Service Manager helps customers automate the process of managing financial assets within an organization.  The Asset Management process app is ITIL-compliant and fully integrated with the Configuration Management System (CMS) and the Service Requests process apps, enabling IT departments to track the acquisition, ownership, and value of financial assets throughout their lifecycle.

Manage all the facets of your assets

Asset management helps you monitor requests for assets, track business and financial approvals, and calculate depreciation value for each asset. You can easily view assets by department, assets near warranty expiration or disposal date, recent expenditures, and inventory by asset type. You can also quickly see year-to-date depreciation numbers, along with depreciation of assets by department.

Powerful out-of-the-box reporting

Asset Management helps organizations leverage standard report templates to assess risk, manage the life cycle of assets and track inventory without having to create custom reports. Reports can be easily exported and shared within your organization. It gives you complete visibility into the way your assets are used within your organization. With Asset Management, you are equipped to answer tough questions that have financial implications.

Bringing it all together

Asset Management is included with Service Manager and complements many exiting service management processes. For example, a Service Request for purchase of a new asset can now be tracked throughout the asset’s entire lifecycle so that inventory managers know where a given asset is at all times. Change Managers can view the inventory of available asset resources when fulfilling a change request to help make the best financial choices for an organization. And as an asset reaches the end of its lifecycle and is disposed of, CMDB is automatically updated and that CI is removed, ensuring that the CMDB remains in synch with available inventory.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to see Asset Management in action, we’ve created a quick four minute video you can watch.

See Asset Management in action.

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