Serena’s IT Service Management (ITSM), including our ITIL Pink Verified solutions, provide the essential enterprise infrastructure IT operations demand to safely release new and updated applications at the rapid cadence that Agile online enterprises demand. Serena ITSM infrastructure is at the heart of the world’s most advanced software teams in many of the most highly regulated, large enterprises (HRLEs). We help those organizations “Move Fast Without Breaking Things” every day.

We provide enterprise IT teams with the essential capabilities to meet the overwhelming demand driven by Agile and DevOps initiatives. Our customers are able to significantly increase their change and release cadence without increasing their costs. With Serena’s IT Service Management solutions, companies apply core ITIL best practices to prioritizing the demand, development, release and support of applications and services that are critical to the business.

IT Service Management solutions from Serena:

Request Center

  • Common access portal for all business-IT interactions
  • Put your service catalog online to the user base
  • Integrates will all 3rd party and home grown ticketing systems

Service Manager ITIL Verified   DevOps ready  Agile ready

  • ITIL Pink Verified workflows for Problem, Incident, Change, Release
  • Financial Asset Management
  • Integrated Knowledgebase with comprehensive alerts, notifications and reporting

Release Control ✔ DevOps ready

  • End-to-end visibility and control of release lifecycle
  • Manage cross-platform proprietary and open source dev teams
  • Collaboration of dev, build, test, release, deploy and ops teams

Deployment Automation ✔ DevOps ready Agile ready

  • Automated application deployment
  • Visual design tool with ready-made integrations
  • 10 times faster deployments to thousands of end-points

ChangeMan SSM Mainframe

  • Track changes to system critical datasets
  • Revert or propagate changes on demand
  • Send alerts to systems programmers 
  • Track unused datasets and load modules


Integrated Change and Release Management

Serena's core change and release management solutions empower IT organizations to embrace the DevOps movement. They help companies orchestrate the processes that bring together application development and operations teams to speed business change requests through to releases. IT operations teams are better positioned to streamline the processes that help capture, triage and prioritize business change requests, route them to the right individuals for fulfillment, speed the deployment of changes into production, notify their business counterparts of the status of their requests, and then continue to support them.

Process-Based IT Service Management

Serena’s IT service management solution draws on the power of a process management platform to help your organization automate IT service delivery processes. It provides a simple yet powerful interface to all service desk users and delivers complete visibility into the status of issues across the end-to-end service lifecycle.

Release Management for IT Ops

Serena's release management solutions help IT teams increase the flow of operational releases into production while improving release quality. It reduces deployment costs and helps drive additional revenue as applications go online faster.

  • Service Manager for comprehensive and integrated ITSM workflows
  • Release Control for end-to-end release control and visibility
  • Deployment Automation for fast, secure and reliable deployments to test and prod.

Award-winning Solutions for IT Operations


Serena's award-winning solutions for IT Operations help organizations streamline the entire process for capturing, routing, and fulfilling requests for IT services and strengthen the DevOps bridge – read now why Serena was a two-time finalist for Pink Elephant's Innovation of the Year award.