SBM Applications Showcase

Over 1,600 global companies have demonstrated business value by deploying applications using SBM. Our unique workflow, orchestration and integration platform is the perfect place to automate your human-human, human-system and system-system processes. With powerful built-in capabilities for tracking, collaboration, reporting, dashboards, alerts and notifications you are certain of the best user experience. Designed for the most advanced organizations in the world you’ll find SBM to be scalable, secure and compliant. Auditors are amazed at the ease of reporting and executives marvel at the personalized dashboards. Build your own business and IT processes in just a few hours. And see your user productivity soar. No programming required in our fully graphical design interface.

Below are examples of both Serena-built and customer-built workflows. Feel free to peruse the multitude of apps created for various business and IT challenges. Visit the Serena Central community to download available apps or to upload your own.