Serena Business Manager

SBM Appathon

Manual Process Inefficiences Solved by Serena
With Serena Business Manager, you can easily automate people-centric processes and deliver fit-to-purpose custom applications

Over 1,600 global companies have rapidly demonstrated business value by quickly prototyping and deploying applications using SBM. Unlike traditional approaches to business process management, SBM provides a single platform to streamline processes, speed implementation, and deliver fit-to-purpose applications in a cost effective manner. SBM represents the next generation of TeamTrack and Tracker. Upgrading to the newest release of SBM is quick and easy – with our free upgrade lab.

Process Orchestration from Start to Finish

  • Highly accessible for today’s mobile workforce
  • Rapidly create and evolve process-applications

Smooth Sailing for Process Stakeholders

  • Process engagement through feeds and social views
  • Rich reporting includes process auditing and bottleneck identification

Ultra-Agile Dev & Deploy Capabilities

  • Graphical process modeling and process-app development
  • Requires minimal admin and development staffing

Versatile, Flexible, Extensible

  • Library of off-the-shelf process-apps for use in IT and lines-of-business
  • Orchestrates human-to-human, human-to-system and system-to-system workflows

Martin-Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd.

Workflow Improvement: The Right Stuff

Read this case study to see how this world-class aerospace manufacturer has boosted their pace
of innovation and lowered their cost of compliance by successfully deploying SBM-based
applications, resulting in better communication throughout their processes,
exception-driven management, easier audits, and continued progress towards
zero defects.

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