IT Process & Portal Manangement

Traditionally, business processes are siloed and it is at the boundaries amongst business processes that weaknesses appear often resulting in miscommunication and frequent rework. IT processes are just as prone to this siloed approach as any process area in the business as a whole.

Unlike traditional rip-and-replace approaches, Serena’s solution integrates and works with your existing tools and processes. Point-to-point integrations of the past have multiple places where they can fail but our advanced orchestration engine ties tools into a common process backbone enabling both process and system status to flow into unified business dashboards. The result is a lower cost, more resilient and more actionable system.

Process enforcement, orchestration and visibility solutions from Serena:

Business Manager

  • Low-code business process automation
  • Human-human, human-system, system-system and system-human process automation
  • Rapid development of workflows and process orchestration through visual design
  • Built-in reporting, alerts and notifications, dashboards and extensive search capabilities

Request Center

  • Common access portal for all business-IT interactions
  • Put your service catalog online to the user base
  • Integrates with all 3rd party and home grown ticketing systems


Business Manager is Serena’s process automation solution and serves as principal workflow tools and system integration technology. Business Manager orchestrates human-to-human, human-to-system and system-to-system processes to give greater visibility, insight and traceability into the entire end-to-end application delivery process. It provides automation and integration, common dashboards and metrics and collaboration capabilities as well as alerts, notifications and reporting. Whether it’s HR Onboarding or Defect Management or any of the over 8,000 other processes it is used for today, Business Manager is a welcome addition to the business and IT community alike providing a modern, flexible and easily extensible user experience for casual and expert users.

Request Center is a business portal that provides a common frontend to all of the systems in your Service Catalog. Serena understands that every organization has many different systems where users interact with IT but it is often confusing knowing which system to use for which incident type. Request Center is your common user portal to collect user requests and route them to the correct ticketing system. Our open architecture, based on Business Manager, allows it to be the common entry point to all of your homegrown and third party systems.