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Serena Release Manager

Release Automation 

  • Reduces risk and time to market: Provides consistent, repeatable model-driven application automation deployments.  
  • Supports continuous delivery: Includes a flexible plug-in architecture that delivers out-of-the-box plug-ins to provide seamless integration to third-party tools such as software change and configuration management (SCCM), build and release, QA, help desk, and ticketing systems supporting the entire tool chain.
  • Improves release quality and production availability: Provides role-based security, approvals, and notification support to ensure that the right changes get implemented into production.
  • Scales with the enterprise: Includes secure, tamperproof artifact repository and high availability support to provide a secure and reliable architecture that scales to support the largest enterprises.


Planning and Control screenshot

Release Automation
Process Editor

Easy to use drag-and-drop process editor decreases design-time by making it easy to create reusable process templates, visualize the end-to-end deployment process and develop the big picture.




Planning and Control screenshot


Deployment Environments

Ensure correct versions of each component are deployed and that the environments are fully compliant. Easily compare one environment's versions, setting and files with another.  





Planning and Control screenshot

Deployment Process Log

Full audit trail provides you with all the component process steps that have been deployed for an application. 




Serena Release Manager's Release Automation option streamlines application deployments and releases into production by providing process automation that orchestrates complex deployments across all of your enterprise environments. Release Automation offers a unique, application-centric approach to automating all application deployments – from build, through test and QA, and into production. Release Automation's drag-and-drop graphical process editor makes it easy to create and visualize the end-to-end deployment process. Reusable process templates allow you to save and reuse component processes and properties, making the setup of new deployment processes easy and quick.

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