Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Planning and Control

Plan, track, and control application releases

  • Streamline and accelerate the release management process: Out-of-the-box best practice release management processes that can easily be customized to align to your release policies.    
  • Mitigate risk of release delays: Single system of record for planning, scheduling, and approvals enables you to easily track milestones and stage gates across all release trains, applications releases, and teams. 
  • Simplify compliance and control: Automated process enforcement, routing, and approvals with built-in audit trails and reportings, provide alignment with release and compliance policies. 

Release Train Schedule

This view provides detailed visibility and insight into the release train schedule, including plan vs actual, associated environments, and status. 

Release Train Milestones

This view gives detailed visibility and insight into the current status of release train milestones. 

Release Train Workflow Process

Best practice out-of-the-box release management processes can be customized to align to your release policies.


Serena Release Control offers process-based application release management built on Serena Business Manager (SBM). It helps organizations manage the flow of releases through multiple gates such as System Integration Test (SIT) and User Acceptance Test (UAT) before reaching the production environment. Release Control can help manage all changes from an emergency release, to a single patch, or even a major application release in a common workflow that enforces your release policies and processes.

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