Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Environment Management

Improves availability and readiness of preproduction environments

  • Mitigates risk of release delays: Better preproduction management eliminates environment contention or availability issues that can cause substantial delays in a release and ultimately impact the business.
  • Optimizes resources: Increased efficiencies in commissioning and decommissioning preproduction environments help ensure that the right environments are available at the right time to the right people and for the right applications. This results in faster acceleration of the release lifecycle during your critical test phases. 
  • Improves collaboration between teams: Full integration with the release lifecycle process ensures seamless transitions between teams. Automatic routing of notifications, state transitions, and events coordinates teams in context with associated tasks and environments.
  • Provides complete traceability: Full audit trail and compliance enforcement provides complete traceability and reporting of all changes to all environments

Environment Schedule

Determine environment status, schedule and contention.  Review pending requests and history of turnovers enables you to optmize the environment resources.   

Environment Activity

View current turnover and deployment activity across all your environments. In one view, you can see which turnovers and deployments are currently deployed, in the process of being deployed or that have failed. 

The effective and efficient use of test environments is critical to a successful release deployment. The combination of increased release velocity, the number of applications, and the complexity of the application infrastructure stack has increased the complexity of managing test environments exponentially. Lack of test environment availability and/or environment contention can delay releases and increase the cost of release deployments.

Serena Release Control enables you to schedule, manage, track, and control all of the test and preproduction environments in your release lifecycle. Environments are a set of resources to which turnovers are deployed. Environments can be commissioned, activated, inactivated, decommissioned, and easily reserved and scheduled for specific release trains, application releases, teams, or different business units.

Calendar views give you a unified test management schedule, providing insight and visibility into who and what is scheduled for which set of environments. The schedule view shows all turnovers and scheduled maintenance and release windows for an environment. Dashboards and reports based on environmental metrics enable management to easily and efficiently plan, schedule, and coordinate preproduction environments to support the release lifecycle. Stakeholders get automatically notified whenever there is a change in the state of an environment and when their changes have been implemented.

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