Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control

Deployments and Turnovers

Eliminate error-prone and time-consuming deployments and handoffs 

  • Reduces deployment errors and production failures: Unifies deployment processes and team handoffs by automating large volume, highly repetitive tasks across systems, tools and teams, reducing deployment times and further mitigating risk of deployment and production failures.
  • Simplifies management of large deployments: Ability to define, build, orchestrate and manage deployment processes, turnovers and tasks from a single point of control providing lesser skilled workers with higher level skill capabilities.
  • Documents and standardizes deployment processes and tasks: Runbooks provide a single source reference of deployment procedures and tasks and captures best practice deployment tasks associated with each application.
  • Full audit trail and compliance enforcement: Provides complete traceability and reporting for all deployments 

Application Deployment Runbooks

Define, document, automate, manage and report on deployment processes that implement changes into releases.



Turnover Calendar

Calendar view showing Release Train and Application Release turnover schedule across environments. 


Application release deployments are complex in nature and involve a multitude of interactions between people, process and software. Opportunities to improve efficiency, eliminate errors and reduce time-consuming handoffs exist with processes that can be automated in a consistent, repeatable workflow. 

Serena Release Control captures manual and automated deployment tasks as well as environmental information in the form of “Turnovers” between development, QA, and operations teams. Turnovers can be aggregated from many teams and saved as an application runbook template for future reuse, than automatically scheduled and executed repeatedly across all environments as releases traverse down the path to production.

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