Serena Release Control

Automate Your Release Process for Speed and Control



Increase Responsiveness to the Business

Business depends heavily on IT capabilities to support its success. New applications and services are essential to driving competitive advantage, increasing market share and improving customer satisfaction. Most IT organizations today are concerned with the complexities of release management, which threatens to impede growth and responsiveness to the needs of the business. But, existing IT groups can rise to the challenge, developing more relevant applications with greater complexity and reliability while bringing them online faster than ever before, provided they have excellent release management processes and the right tools.


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Accelerate Application Delivery

A formal, automated release management process helps organizations maximize the value of their existing IT staff. Release management is an application lifecycle management process that guides IT efforts from code development through testing and into production, helping to focus resources on timely delivery of crucial new business functionality. Well-designed and comprehensive release management enables organizations to:

  • Respond and deliver to business demands by deploying releases into production faster with existing or fewer resources.
  • Improve release quality, increase the number of successful deployments and reduce downtime, whether planned or unplanned
  • Improve visibility and insight into project timelines and progress, which prevents surprises and keeps all stakeholders on the same page
  • Simplify audits and compliance by enforcing consistency and traceability of changes

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Comprehensive Solution for Application Release Management

Whether you are deploying a new application or delivering a single patch, Serena Release Control is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage the application release management lifecycle from development through deployment into your production environment. 

Release management teams require formal processes for planning and tracking progress, greater visibility into their processes and a way to enforce release policies. Only with these tools can the team meet the expectations of the business, ensure the quality of released applications and protect the integrity of mission-critical production systems. 

In contrast to most vendors who promote a complete rip-and-replace solution for release management, Serena takes a consultative approach. Serena evaluates your current release management process, advises you on additional best practices that fit your organization’s needs, and recommends tools that can help you apply your existing and new processes more consistently. Serena’s goal is to help you make the most of the people, processes, and technologies that you already have so that your business can turn IT into a competitive advantage and win in the marketplace.