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Serena Business Manager

Serena Business Manager

Serena Business Manager (SBM) is an IT Process Automation platform that enables easy creation of process-based applications for human and system work management. A flexible and adaptable platform that features unmatched built-in reporting and auditing capability for increased visibility and transparency; is easy to use and adopt among users and stakeholders ensuring compliance and governance.

SBM provides a channel agnostic approach to work and task management connecting people, processes and systems offering enterprise class flexible work management with complete visibility and built-in traceability.

SBM ships with a number of pre-configured process templates for common vertical lines of business and IT work management processes, and is also the foundation for Serena's market leading Release Manager and Service Manager solutions.

Key Features and Benefits:


Activity Feeds screenshot

Unified Work Center

A centralized, unified and intuitive workspace for stakeholders and users to view, track, and act on their work items & issues while coordinating and collaborating with team members.



Faceted Search Results screenshot

Smart Search

A powerful global search across all process-based work management applications offering multifaceted results for easy live filtering. 
Watch a demo of Global Search now!





User Dashboard screenshot

Configurable Dashboard

A single interactive and drillable view of multiple reports and URLs simplifying visibility and insight into key process metrics.
Watch a demo on Using Dashboards now!



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Intuitive Report creation process with a wizard process guides the users to create more report metrics than ever before. The robust report capabilities provide much needed visibility into the business processes, and their value to the organization at large.



SBM on iPad screenshot

Mobile Tablet Enabled

A supporting a channel agnostic approach to work and task management, SBM broadens access and visibility to tablets and mobile devices.




Calendar with feeds screenshot


Now bringing a lot more meaning and power to calendars. Incorporate feeds from different calendars to get a unified view into all the scheduling events across projects.



App Library screenshot

Process App Library

With an enhanced global process application library, users can search through hundreds of custom process apps and workflows to quickly find and start another that meets their needs.




Global submit screenshot

Global Submit

Streamlines the submission of work items/issues into any project from anywhere in the system, providing visibility into recent submission and favorites.
Watch a demo on Global Submit now!





Notifications screenshot

Real-time Notifications

Save time, money and increase user satisfaction by getting notified of key actions and items without ever having to leave the system in addition to notifications via e-mail and SMS.




SBM Composer screenshot

Rapidly Create Process-based Applications

Quickly map out work management processes, use swim lanes to organize activities performed by different roles, and associate forms with steps in the process. Watch a demo on Copying Forms Between Applications and Updating Fields in Custom Forms now!




Over 1,600 global companies have rapidly demonstrated business value by quickly prototyping and deploying applications using SBM. Unlike traditional approaches to business process management, SBM provides a single platform to streamline processes, speed implementation, and deliver fit-to-purpose applications in a cost effective manner. SBM represents the next generation of TeamTrack and Tracker. Upgrading to the newest release of SBM is quick and easy – with our free upgrade lab.

See Serena Business Manager in action:

SBM Demo

Copying Forms Between

SBM Demo

Updating Fields in Custom

SBM Demo

Using Dashboards

SBM Demo

Global Search

SBM Demo

Global Submit

SBM Demo

Activity View

Sample Applications

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Analyst Reports

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