Serena Demand Manager (discontinued product)

Serena Demand Manager provides IT organizations a fast, easy, and intelligent way to prioritize and fulfill all IT demand. Unlike heavyweight tools that take months or years to deploy, Serena Demand Manager enables you to start prioritizing demand in just a few clicks. As part of the Serena Orchestrated IT suite, Serena Demand Manager seamlessly takes business requests from Serena Request Center and routes them to the appropriate parties for review and approval. Collaborative scoring, voting, and resource estimation help IT assess the scope of business requests. Serena Demand Manager also provides what-if portfolio analysis to quickly model various scenarios and help IT select the optimal group of initiatives that can be achieved in a timely manner with the given resources. Serena Demand Manager is available on-premise or on demand.

Demand Management

[Click to enlarge] Figure 1: IT executives can review their portfolio of IT initiatives to quickly determine what’s feasible and valuable to the business.

Prioritizing work is just the first step of a comprehensive demand management strategy. Having an accurate view of the available resources is also essential for IT to fulfill demand. Serena Demand Manager overcomes one of the biggest hurdles to assessing accurate resource availability by completely automating time capture for all IT work. As IT team members close out service requests or complete development tasks, Serena Demand Manager logs the effort, giving IT leadership a real-time view of how resources are being used to fulfill demand. Having a complete and up-to-date view of resources allows IT to more intelligently determine when new work can be taken on, how reallocation of projects and resources impacts business, and where there are shortages of critical resources.

Demand Management

[Click to enlarge] Figure 2: IT executives can get a real-time view of all IT resources by automatically and accurately capturing team members’ efforts.

Serena Demand Manager offers IT organizations key capabilities to manage demand for the entire IT application and service delivery lifecycle:

  • Best practices criteria:

    Easily configurable and out-of-the-box prioritization criteria are based on leading analyst research, helping you accelerate internal discussions and curtail expensive consulting engagements on the best way to assess IT initiatives.
  • Collaborative demand prioritization:

    Serena Demand Manager automatically routes requests to the appropriate reviewers for scoring using standard criteria. IT can also use high-level resource estimates for planning purposes and portfolio waterline views for determining which initiatives can be realistically accomplished.
  • Automated time capture:

    Serena Demand Manager leverages the Serena process orchestration platform to capture time and effort directly from an IT team member’s tools. As tasks are closed out, Serena logs the hours for specific requests, so users don’t have to manually fill out timesheets.
  • Executive resource metrics:

    IT executives can view aggregate information for all IT work, resources, and costs that are based on accurate work numbers. IT organizations have the information needed to intelligently assess the impact of incoming demand and the cost of serving the business.
  • Flexible and adaptable workflows:

    Prioritization criteria, new lines of business, new IT models, or new partners can impact how IT demand is fulfilled. With Serena Demand Manager, processes can be easily modified to model they way you run IT, so you’re not stuck with rigid workflows that are no longer relevant.
  • Predefined integration:

    As part of the Serena Orchestrated IT suite, Serena Demand Manager is integrated with Serena Request Center to capture all requests from the business. Process-based integration enables IT organizations to easily integrate with any current IT system, so you can spend more time fulfilling demand and less time figuring out how to consolidate your current IT tools.