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Serena Agile Planner (discontinued product)

Serena Agile Planner

Serena Agile Planner offers organizations an easy and flexible solution to run their agile software development projects. In addition to providing burndown charts, task boards, and sprint backlogs, Serena Agile Planner also helps software developers more easily make the move to agile.

Agile Planner Flexibility

[Click to enlarge] Serena Agile Planner lets you manage agile projects with the workflows, dashboards, and custom forms that you want.

Flexibility for your flavor of agile

Serena Agile Planner offers a flexible solution that can accommodate your unique needs, so you don't have modify your processes just to deal with typically rigid agile tools. You can easily define fields to capture different information depending on the type of user story or business request. You can quickly set up information in your task boards for review during daily stand-up meetings. Or you can use highly customizable WYSIWYG forms to create custom workflows.

Agile Planner Visibility

[Click to enlarge] IT organizations can use Serena Agile Planner to view burndown charts for individual or groups of projects.

Visibility for enterprise IT

While Serena Agile Planner enables your teams to run agile projects the way they want, all project and task information can automatically be rolled up into an enterprise IT dashboard, so everyone is kept in the loop.

Agile Planner Easy to Use

[Click to enlarge] Serena Agile Planner helps distributed agile teams review their tasks on a virtual storyboard.


Ease of use for distributed teams

Congregating around a conference room full of sticky notes doesn't scale when you have developers scattered around the world or when everyone's trying to figure out what's changed. Serena Agile Planner provides a virtual storyboard, where your developers can drag and drop user stories, manage their tasks, and keep track of what’s really changed. Real-time dashboards and burndown charts help your distributed team stay on the same page, so everyone can understand the latest progress and issues with their sprints and releases.

Orchestration across the development lifecycle

Serena Agile Planner works with other development processes, including issue and defect management, requirements management, application deployment, and more. For example, Serena Issue and Defect Management (IDM) can be used to capture a software defect, and it will automatically show up in the consolidated backlog of Serena Agile Planner. Agile teams can review the defect with all of their other user stories, and as the team works on the issue, updates are automatically reflected in Serena IDM.

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