Serena Deployment Automation

The Deployment Automation Platform for Continuous Delivery

Reduce Overhead, Enhance Throughput, Minimize Risk

Simplify development and operations team interaction. Bring the principles of DevOps to your organization while maintaining control. Produce deliverables that closely align to dynamic business needs and customer requirements. Guarantee that the deliverables being validated are the same as those being deployed. Eat, sleep, deploy, repeat.

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Snapshot and Component Level Gates

With a flexible approach to approval gates, Serena Deployment Automation supports different approaches through your environment model. What's good in Dev isn't always the same as what's good for Production. With Serena Deployment Automation's unique support for component version and snapshot level gates, you can ensure that the correct level of rigor is applied to your deliverables.

Approvals When You Need Them

You have a high-value application, but why should all of you other applications follow the same approval process? Whether simple deployment level approval tasks or complex multi-role approval processes, the right level of granularity is essential for successfully automating deployment. Don't need an approval? Want to approve via mobile? Need the PMO to sign off production deliveries? With Deployment Automation, streamlined approval processes are as simple as a click, comment, and OK.

Extended Process Integration 

Out-of-the-box Serena Deployment Automation links to Serena Business Manager (SBM), one of the most powerful process-centric orchestration platforms on the market. With the extended process power of Deployment Automation and Business Manager the level of quality and approval interaction is second to none. 

Serena Deployment Automation also provides the ability to integrate with third-party approval products, such as HP ALM and ServiceNow IT Service Automation. Existing Deployment Automation plug-ins include support for approval processes in Serena Dimensions CM and Serena ChangeMan ZMF. 


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