Deployment Automation

The Deployment Automation Platform for Continuous Delivery

Process Designer screen shot

Process Editor 

Make it easy to create and visualize the end-to-end deployment process. Drag and drop simple and no programming required. 

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Application Centric

Ensure that components tested together are released together. Track which components make up an application so that they can be deployed and tracked together. 

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Application Centric components
Manage environments screenshot

Manage Environments

Map, visualize and manage your test and production environments. Create cloud and virtual environments on demand and model your Continuous Delivery deployment pipeline.  

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Toolchain Integration

Flexible, robust, and extensible plug-in architecture supports Continuous Delivery by seamlessly integrating into your existing infrastructure.

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Toolchain Integration example
Inventory Tracking screenshot

Inventory Tracking

Understand what is deployed where and the differences between them. Track components, snapshots, and configurations deployed to any resource and environment. Compare actual vs desired to make sure that all your environments are compliant.  

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Quality Gates and Approvals

Manage entry criteria for all environments. Implement approval processes where needed. Review gate status and approve at the office, home or on the go.   

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Quality Gates and Approvals screenshot
architecture screenshot

Resilient and Scalable Architecture

Designed to scale from a small workgroup to the largest of enterprises, Deployment Automation supports horizontal scalability, enterprise grade security, performance, and high availability. 

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