Dimensions RM

Collaborative and auditable process for defining, managing, and tracing all of your requirements


Dashboard Visibility
& Insight

Public or Private, have it your way. Best practice KPIs and metrics provide stakeholders with requirements approval status, indicate orphaned requirements, and requirements iterations. Simply drill-down to view additional details.


Powerful Traceability Reporting

Get immediate insight into requirement relationships, requirement change, and requirement dependencies. Through integration with Dimensions CM, enjoy tracking requirements through development to delivery.


Requirement Lifecycle Workflow

Within a graphical editor, easily define your states and transitions together with access rights, visibility and ownership. Simply implement your preferred processes for requirements reviews and approvals. 



Agile Driven Requirements

Iteratively manage requirements with backlogs and story boards and monitor completeness through burn-down charts.


Dynamic Link Browser

Graphically view requirement relationships to achieve superior visibility of dependencies. Directly edit requirements and links at multiple levels of traceability and generate faster impact analysis. 

Advanced Test Management Support

Integrating test case planning, management and execution with full traceability to requirements has never been so easy, either natively with a built-in Test Editor or through broader integration with existing Test Management tools.

Easy Requirements Reuse

Complex variant and reuse scenarios made easy within a single central repository, eliminating the need to copy and providing controls on inheritance.


Manage Variants

Simplify the complexity of managing variants, understand the change impact analysis of dependencies and improve the quality of specifications.


Standardized ReqIF Import

Standardizing the exchange of requirements and metadata with other requirement management tools provides an easy and automated migration and facilitates simple transition.

Rapidly Publish to and Import from MS Word

With rapid ability to publish, share and import to/from Microsoft Word, you can collaborate effectively on requirements via documents. Of course, online real-time collaboration among stakeholders is natively available within Dimensions RM.

Prototyping, no problem

Quickly and accurately simulate how an application will look and function with the integrated Prototype Composer. Through high fidelity prototypes, validate and derive requirements from prototypes linked to associated screens or processes.


Define Your Requirements Process

Easily construct and chart your own requirements dependency scheme: the relationship between individual requirement types and classes, and any associated attributes and access rights or restrictions.