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On-Demand Virtual User Group Meetings

Watch recorded webinars of Dimensions CM Virtual User Group meetings that connect Dimensions CM users with the Serena product team. Participate in special interest groups, learn from your peers and hear from product experts.


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Dimensions CM 14.3.2 Launch Series Part 3 - Containerization with Dimensions CM for Development, QA and Release

Join Ashley Owen and Peter Raymond for an interactive discussion and live Q&A session on containerization with Dimensions CM 14.3.2. Learn about the power of containers and what benefits they can bring to your development process. Discover the Docker Registry in Dimensions CM that can help you manage these containers in a secure vault with approvals, change control and end-to-end traceability from request to software changes to the resulting Docker container.


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Dimensions CM 14.3.2 Launch Series Part 2 - Manage and embrace Git with CM Pulse

Join Don Irvine and Peter Raymond for an interactive discussion and live Q&A session. Learn how to bring control to the software development process in an environment where teams have started to adopt Git for some development projects. Hear about some best practices for embracing Git but keeping all the benefits of a single, central, secure & scalable enterprise SCCM repository for all development and release deliverables.


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Dimensions CM 14.3.2 Launch Series Part 1 - Continuously Secure and Manage your Open Source Components

Join Peter Raymond and Avi Brodi for an interactive discussion as we demonstrate how you can adopt the Shift-Left practices by managing and securing your open source components together with WhiteSource and Dimensions CM 14.3.2.


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Agile, DevOps and Dimensions CM – Spring 2016

Learn how you can accommodate agile planning to compliment feature-based development and optimize a continuous inspection toolchain that supports “Shift-Left” providing rapid feedback to development. Discover how the new Dimensions CM 14.3 provides governance, security and integrity to individual project teams using Git or SVN, delivering a master repository for continuous inspection and automated delivery. We will showcase how Dimensions CM 14.3 plays a critical role in servicing the demands of a modernized development experience for today’s high-velocity teams.


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Join Dimensions CM Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) on Serena Central

Join the four SIGs that we just launched - LDAP Integration, Agile Planning, Git Integration, User Experience to engage with the community around specific areas of the product that we are developing. By becoming involved in a SIG you will be able to gain insight into and provide direction on how a feature is evolved. The SIG’s are a closed group, with access restricted to existing Dimensions CM customers only, so please request permission to join. As a Dimensions CM user, we welcome and encourage you to join these SIG’s and share your ideas.


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Automating the development and delivery toolchain - Summer 2015

Learn how how to optimize your development and delivery toolchain. In addition to shift-left, we will show how you can increase deployment automation and collaboration across Development and Release Operations.


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Spring forward with modernizing CM practices and processes - Spring 2015

During this session HCSC shared their CM 14 experience, a demonstration of CM Bridge was presented, and we previewed the CM 14 roadmap and xChange15 highlights. Watch now.


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Simplify your upgrade to Dimensions CM 14 - Winter 2015

Guest speaker, Carmelette Benson at Health Care Service Corporation, one of our early adopters of the innovative Dimensions CM 14 release, joined us to discuss how HCSC are now benefiting from a modernized developer centric approach, increasing their development efficiency. Peter Raymond, Principal Product Architect provided an excellent overview of the Dimensions CM Bridge technology, extending our ability to integrate with broader client tools and then demonstrating use of NetBeans IDE, TortoiseSVN, and SVN command line with Dimensions CM. And Don Irvine was excited to share some Dimensions CM Roadmap highlights – including a number of significant improvements focused on the user and developer experience, a new plug-in architecture to support additional tools such as Unit test and static analysis with results incorporated into the visual change graph and files decorated for peer review. Watch now.


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