Serena Dimensions CM

Eliminating the complexity of parallel development


Global Development Complexity Solved By Serena
With Serena Dimensions CM you can confidently manage application change & configuration across platforms, locations and teams

Eliminating complexity and visualizing the health of Application Development

Serena Dimensions CM is a proven process-based software change & configuration management solution that streamlines and automates change & development practices. Supporting a choice of industry standard databases, advanced network compression, and patented library-cache technology, Dimensions CM delivers on the promise of a single secure global instance, optimized local performance and enterprise wide visibility.

Dimensions CM differentiates in its ability to meet the higher performance and more sophisticated release handlng needs of business critical custom applications, while simplifying the complexity of geographically distributed teams and variant code streams. Providing global insight and visibility into the health and quality of development changes and code streams helps eliminate risk and assure release readiness.

Serena named "Champion"
in the ALM market

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Research Group, Inc.
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Management Vendor Landscape report.

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Improve Software Quality

Provide visibility & insight into the health of development deliveries in real-time, increase awareness and simplify decision making on when to merge and when to hand-off or release. 

Increase Development Efficiency

Minimize rework, visualize and reduce conflicts, and improve team velocity. Build effective and collaborative teamwork and achieve speed with quality. 

No Hands Compliance

Automating and capturing audit trials is a mainstay of Dimensions CM, and with the associated health and quality indicators, offers comprehensive traceability and audit records for free. Yes, for free!

Enterprise Scalability & Security

Accommodate your enterprise security policies and right-size the appropriate role-based access controls, while maintaining optimum efficiency and performance regardless of the number, size or location of your projects and teams.

Comprehensive Traceability and Audit

Leverage the fully automated and comprehensive traceability and audit trails, eliminate risks and realize the benefits of no touch compliance

Dimensions for the Mainframe

Extend the capabilities of Dimensions CM to the mainframe with Dimensions z/OS and deliver a consistent user experience across distributed and mainframe platforms

"The visibility and insight that Dimensions CM 14 provides allows us to see if we are converging to quality or diverging from quality in real time."

Ken Vane
Navy Federal Credit Union